January 23, 2020
Fitness Model Ashleigh Jordan Trains Her Glutes In Blue Leggings For New Workout Video

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan trained her glutes in the most recent video series on her Instagram page. I

n the shared clips, the blond beauty focused on "booty bulking" while wearing a black sports bra and blue leggings. In the first clip, Ashleigh performed alternating lateral lunges which required her to shift her weight to one side with each repetition while holding a dumbbell in front of her. The second clip saw her move to the cable machine for a set of stiff-legged deadlifts before she transitioned into doing dumbbell squats. Weighted glute bridges were the final exercise in the circuit, and for these, she held the dumbbell against her pelvis while thrusting her hips upward.

In the comments section, fans raved over Ashleigh's workouts.

"Just did your other booty bulking guess I'm gonna have to do this one tomorrow!" one fan wrote. "Love your workouts, you're very inspiring!!!"

Fans also had lots of questions for her. One of them wanted to learn more about the proper form for weighted glute bridges.

"When doing the weighted glute bridge, where exactly do I place the weight? On my stomach or on my pelvis?" they asked. "Sorry I'm a newbie at them and I just want to them right."

In her reply, Ashleigh said that the weight should be placed on the pelvis.

"It can be somewhat uncomfortable the more weight you use, so putting a yoga mat across your hips helps a ton!" she added.

Other fans asked her for more meal preparation ideas.

"Booty looks amazing," a third admirer wrote. "Would love if you share some of your favorite meal prep recipes."

The model promised that she'd share some more of her nutrition tips in future Instagram posts.

Several other commenters inquired about the leggings she wore in the video. The curve-hugging workout pants are distinctive, thanks to their signature individual stripes at the back which accentuate the rear end. Her caption revealed that they're from her activewear brand NVGTN. Ashleigh appears to have worn their seamless leggings in a color called "Royale." However, the line is currently on hiatus and all of the designs are listed as "sold out."

Ashleigh's fans are likely used to seeing NVGTN gear in action since she wears their outfits in every video. She wore the same leggings in gray earlier this month for a workout clip that also focused on the glutes. The circuit she performed included squat jumps, curtsy lunges, stiff-legged deadlifts, and static lunges.