Christie Brinkley Reveals She Needs Another Surgery For 'Dancing With The Stars' Injury

Christie Brinkley says she is still recovering from the injury she sustained while rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars. The 65-year-old supermodel has revealed that she must undergo yet another procedure for the injury that took place more than four months ago as she prepared to compete on the ABC celebrity ballroom competition with pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy.

In a new interview with People, Christie revealed that she will undergo an additional procedure after breaking her arm after she stumbled over Val's foot while rehearsing with him a few days before the Dancing With The Stars Season 28 premiere. Months after the rehearsal accident took place, the mom-of-three said her arm is "still healing, but not fast enough."

"I'm actually going on Friday," Christie said earlier this week of her procedure. "I'm going to get (platelet-rich plasma) and some sort of manipulation to my shoulder, my wrist and my thumb."

While Christie underwent emergency surgery after the accident, she says the recovery has been slow. The Sports Illustrated modeling legend revealed that she still struggles with basic movement in her arm.

"I have to literally lift my arm up and hold it," Christie said.

She added that she is "hopeful" the new procedure will finally restore her full range of movement.

In September, footage of Christie's rehearsal injury was shown on the Dancing With The Stars Season 28 premiere. Despite the on-camera evidence of how she went down, the star was accused of faking the arm injury to make room for her daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, to take her spot on Dancing With The Stars. The supermodel has vehemently denied the claims.

When the accident occurred, Christie told People that she knew immediately that her arm was broken.

"The second I landed, I felt the shards in my arm," Christie said last year. "Like, I literally felt it in my wrist, and I just instantly looked up and said, 'I'm so sorry, I broke my arm.'"

The fall left the supermodel with multiple broken bones in her arm, which required surgery to insert a plate and screws to repair her shattered arm. Christie also dislocated her wrist.

Christie didn't totally miss out on Dancing With The Stars. After her daughter replaced her on the ABC celebrity dancing show, the fan-favorite model turned up in the live studio audience with a cast on her arm as her daughter competed in her place.