Canadian Teenager Calls Police To Report The Fake ID They Purchased Never Came


A teenager from Ontario, Canada called the police to complain that a fake ID they ordered never came, CTV News reports. Canadian police are using this incident as a teachable moment to underscore the dangers of not only trying to acquire fake IDs, but also of sending personal information to strangers over the internet.

The teenager told police they saw an ad for fake IDs on social media and sent an undisclosed amount of money — plus their personal information — to the seller.

“(They) forwarded an undisclosed amount of money in order to get that identification. Unfortunately, that identification never arrived,” Ontario Provincial Police Const. Ed Sanchuk said, via Global News.

Police are treating this incident as a fraud case, although whether or not that means the teenager will face criminal charges remains unclear, as of this writing.

Police have also taken this opportunity to discuss the dangers of sending personal information to strangers — especially obvious lawbreakers — over the internet. The teenager not only lost their money; their personal information could be used in any number of nefarious ways that may not present themselves until much later.

Police are also warning Canadians to be vigilant about sending their money online in general. They caution for consumers to be wary of any seller that is overseas, has few or no reviews, or offers a deal that is too good to be true. If the seller is offering something illegal, like contraband or fake IDs, it may not be a good idea to send them money or personal information, as the seller is already flouting the law.

The police continued, warning those underage to not attempt to get a fake ID. Doing so could invoke criminal charges. They also warned that it could lead to identity theft, as there is no way to track the information once it is released to another individual.

“Sending your personal and identifying information to an unknown individual or fake ID business opens the door to someone stealing your identity,” Sanchuk said.

This is not the first time a youngster has made the news for how they allegedly used their fake ID.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, an Iowa man reportedly tried to enter an Iowa City bar using a novelty Hawaii “driver’s license” that bore the name “McLovin’.” Both the name and the novelty ID card are references to a scene in the 2007 movie Superbad, in which a teenager tries to purchase liquor with the obviously-fake ID.