NeNe Leakes Would Reportedly Lose Millions If She Leaves 'RHOA' But Feels She's Being 'Used For Ratings'

Wendy Williams raised eyebrows this week when she let it slip during an episode of her show that NeNe Leakes is ready to leave the Real Housewives of Atlanta. While the reality star hasn't said whether she really intends to leave, Radar Online reveals that if she does quit, she stands to lose millions of dollars - and won't be able to appear on television for a couple of years.

Wendy announced on her show that NeNe had told her "I am quitting" earlier this week as she vented about her treatment on the show. The reality star later posted a message to her Twitter account saying that she should be able to vent and that conversations between friends should stay private, though she didn't call out Wendy specifically.

Now a source with inside details about the situation says that it might not be so easy for NeNe to step away.

"She hasn't asked to be let out of her contract yet, but if she wants out, she would lose her $2.85 million salary," Radar Online's source revealed.

Not only that, but she couldn't appear on any other shows for several years because she has a noncompete clause in her contract.

"NeNe has two more years left on her contract and for that duration she has a noncompete clause," the source added. "She would have to get approval from Bravo to film anything."

The insider revealed that NeNe texted her pal Wendy because she was frustrated with the way she was being made to appear on the show this season.

"She is very upset about her edits so far this season," the insider said. "She feels like her editing versus Kenya [Moore] is unfair."

Part of the problem is that NeNe reportedly feels that Kenya Moore is getting away with things that she couldn't get away with. On top of that, she feels that Andy Cohen is favoring the other women on the show, all of whom except her have appeared on his show Watch What Happens Live! The time she was mentioned on his show, the insider says, is when Andy made fun of a dress that she wore, and the reality star is sick of the way she is being treated.

"NeNe feels like she is being used for ratings," the source added. "She is the household name and the episodes that she is in are the highest rated."

The insider said that Bravo would do everything they could to keep NeNe from leaving because she is ratings gold.