‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Amanda Breaks It Off With Billy

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Huge new The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Amanda Sinclair has had all she can take of Billy Abbott and his sneaking around on Victoria. Because of her misgivings about her new friend, Amanda decides to cut him out of her life.

For weeks now, Billy (Jason Thompson) has lied to Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about where he’s been and who he’s been with. Instead of going to therapy and working on his issues, Billy has been meeting Amanda (Mishael Morgan) at a dive bar, confiding his deepest feelings in her, and engaging in light gambling despite his gambling addiction.

When Billy revealed that he and Victoria were having issues over his lies, Amanda told him to talk with his partner instead of her. It looks like Amanda will go one further, and she will end up breaking off her friendship with Billy, which leaves him rudderless and without a confidant. Billy actor Jason Thompson discussed his on-screen alter ego’s woes with Soap Opera Digest recently.

“He misses that relationship, but I think he’s also grateful for the time that they shared,” Thompson revealed. “He looks at Amanda as someone who has helped him find a voice, and he’s appreciative of that.”

Unfortunately, Billy hasn’t truly worked through all his feelings about his life. He’s continuously plagued with the feeling of wearing masks and not being good enough. Victoria isn’t sure he’s good enough, his family has also often told him he’s not good enough, and Billy tells himself that he’s not good enough. However, it seems as if lately, Billy realizes that perhaps he is good enough exactly as he is. He’s pleaded for acceptance without the idea that he must be “fixed” in some way. Now, Billy struggling with the life he currently has with Victoria and their children.

“He’s trying to find that world he can live in that doesn’t set off every alarm bell with his relationships, or his family or with anybody else in Genoa City,” admitted the actor.

“He needs to figure out who he is without all of the noise.”

The need to figure so many aspects of his life out makes it sound a lot like Billy is planning to go away for a while and perhaps find himself away from his home, his family, and his responsibilities. The biggest question is if this is a mature choice from Billy or if it is another example of his selfish behavior.