Katya Elise Henry Stands On A Balcony And Looks At The Skyline While Wearing A Revealing Bikini

Brunette babe Katya Elise Henry has become famous on Instagram for her spectacular booty. The busty vixen regularly shows off her enviable curves to her delighted fans so it is not surprising that she has amassed an army of devotees with more than 6.7 million followers.

The fitness guru frequently posts motivation via pictures illustration. her various stages of undress. That way, her admirers may opt to try her workout routines to possibly be able to embrace a figure just like her body if they work hard enough.

On Wednesday afternoon, Katya shared yet another jaw-dropping pic of herself sporting nothing but a black bikini from her personal clothing line known as Kiss My Peach Swimwear. She didn't indicate where she had been photographed, but the images appeared to have been taken at a hotel or apartment in a city.

For the picture, she stood outside on a balcony, overlooking the skyline.

Since the photograph had been taken of the model's backside, the main attraction was her peachy behind thanks to thong bottoms that left very little to the imagination. Her beautiful face wasn't visible, but viewers could see she chose a few accessories to complement her look, including a golden bracelet, large thick hoop earrings, and several jeweled rings.

The expanse of nearly cloudless blue sky made it seem like the weather was nice, but her long wave locks were lifted in a breeze just as the photo was taken. She also wore a black beanie, suggesting it might have been at least a little bit chilly despite her revealing outfit choice.

Fans from across the globe headed straight to her comments section to share their admiration for Katya's glorious rear end and stunning figure. In less than an hour of going live, the photo managed to rack up more than 80,000 likes. Many followers added peach emoji to their comments as a way to refer to Katya's prodigious hindquarters.

"Diggin the beanie vibes," wrote a fan.

"I'm feeling more blessed than ever before!" exclaimed another user, adding a single red heart emoji to their remark.

"Sweet bikini that is my favorite black your just a sweetheart I love you honey," a third fan complimented.

Previously, The Inquisitr reported that Katya had rocked a see-through white tank top and a scandalous matching thong for a provocative Instagram share. The hottie flaunted her "booty gains" via a sexy pose as she took two selfies of herself in front of a full-length mirror. The second of the two images revealed her voluptuous behind in all its glory.