Charly Jordan Pulls Jeans Down To Her Knees & Dances In A Bikini On Instagram

Charly Jordan wears a black and white outfit.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Charly Jordan posted a new Instagram video to her feed today. It showed her with her jeans pulled down to her knees as she danced in a bikini.

The clip was a behind-the-scenes look at one of her recent photoshoots. She joked that it was an “Instagram vs. reality” moment, considering that the beginning of the video didn’t reveal how her pants were pulled down.

The update began with showing a monitor screen. It showed Charly standing with her feet together and her hands by her sides. The screen highlighted specific parts of her face and body in white, which would disappear momentarily after the shot was taken. The model was then seen placing her hands on her head before the monitor was removed from view. Behind her was a white backdrop, the edges of which were seen on the left side of the frame.

Throughout this clip, Charly wore a basic black bikini. Plus, her hair was down in a middle part. She smiled with her lips closed and wore a variety of accessories. These included a couple of necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

The blonde then pointed down to her feet, revealing the rest of her look. It included light denim jeans and chunky black boots. The camera zoomed in on this for a second before zooming back out. By this point, Charly had broken into a silly dance as she moved her knees and arms. She was seen smiling widely for a moment.

The model’s admirers took to the comments section to leave their compliments on her good looks.

“You’re forever extraordinarily beautiful @charlyjordan.. Queen…” gushed a supporter.

“Is it hard being that sexy? Inquiring mind. Just curious. Lol,” joked a follower.

Others focused on the humor.

“It’s nice to know someone with so much beauty has personality and humanity loved you since day one,” declared a fan.

“Bruh how could you walk around with your pants on the ground like that. Haha silly!!!” exclaimed a fourth Instagram user.

Charly posted a different update five days ago. There were three pictures in the series, and she was seen rocking another black bikini. Though she wasn’t in a studio this time but rather posed on the edge of an infinity pool.

The first photo showed the stunner sitting up with her left knee up and her other leg dangling off the side of the ledge. She cradled her face with her hand and gave a flirty look.