Kim Kardashian Admits That She Really Is Trying To Get More IG Followers Than Kylie Jenner

Rumors have swirled for months that Kim Kardashian is desperate to get more followers than her little sister Kylie Jenner. During a YouTube makeup tutorial published on Tuesday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star openly admitted what the rumors have been saying — she is jealous of Kylie's follower count, and she's gunning for her.

Kylie and Kim filmed a makeup tutorial together for their fans. During the tutorial, the two talked about growing up together and what they love about each other. As Kylie finished powdering and contouring her big sister's face and moved on to eyes, she accidentally pulled out one of Kim's lashes.

"I think I pulled one of your lashes out. Sorry," Kylie says.

Kim breathes deep and says "hater."

Kylie says she is going to keep it as a souvenir before deciding that Kim should use it to make a wish.

"I just wished I would beat you on Instagram again. Now my wish won't come true," she said while laughing.

In December, The Inquisitr reported that Kim was reportedly paying to increase her Instagram following in order to keep up with Kylie. At the time, Kylie had 153 million followers and quickly rising, and Kim had 154 million followers. Kylie's followers are much more active, however. When she posts, the younger Kardashian gets 30 percent more likes on her selfies than Kim gets.

"Kim is really insecure that Kylie's follower count is always rising. She always wants to be on top; she's really competitive," an insider said.

A month later, Kim has 157 million followers, while Kylie has blasted past her and now boasts 158 million followers — something that appears to be on Kim's mind.

The rest of the video was full of laughs as the two clowned around with each other.

At one point in the video, Kylie tries to use a spray from her makeup collection on some eye shadow she is attempting to put on her sister, and the bottle appears to not work. After pumping the bottle and laughing, she turns to the camera and asks why it isn't working.

Kim looks directly in the camera and jokes, "cheap sh*t" about her sister's makeup as Kylie giggles before finally getting the spray to work.

She then jokes that she is going to steal her sister's new lip kit so that she can copy it for her own makeup line — something the reality star has been accused of in the past.