‘Batwoman’ Showrunner Caroline Dries Teases More LGBTQ Characters After Historic Coming-Out

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CW’s Batwoman is already ground-breaking, when it comes to having a lesbian superhero, but now the program’s showrunner is talking about crashing through even more barriers.

Caroline Dries recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Monday’s historic episode and shed some light on her future plans. Earlier this week, Ruby Rose‘s Batwoman became the first openly gay superhero in television or movies.

In the interview, Dries says there are plans to roll out even more LGBTQ+ characters in the show. The showrunner wouldn’t say who she has queued up but hinted it’s a character loyal fans have seen before.

“We’ve mentioned somebody from the comics in episode seven, a woman named Safiyah, and we are going to hear that name a few more times in the future.”

The Safiyah in question is Safiya Sohail. In the comic books, Sohail and Batwoman’s alter ego, Kate Kane, were once in a passionate relationship. Dries added the pair have a very taut and dramatic history and the showrunner wants to explore that as the series moves forward.

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Dries also told The Hollywood Reporter that Batwoman being out and proud about her sexual orientation is something destined to have an impact on the show for the rest of this season, at least. In the program’s universe, it’s been widely known Kate Kane is a lesbian, but her superhero identity had kept that part of her life private.

Rose’s character rethought her approach after learning of a teen girl whose parents won’t accept that she’s a lesbian. Kane realized she can’t be the kind of hero she wants to be unless she also serves as a role model for the LGBTQ+ community.

Kane also realized she needs to be true to herself. Looking for a way to come out to the world, she agreed to sit down for an interview with Catco magazine in which she revealed her sexual identity. The interview incidentally, was carried out by another groundbreaking character on the CW Network. Kane sat down to talk and make the announcement with Kara Danvers, whose alter ego is Super Girl.

Dries revealed the announcement isn’t going to go unnoticed by Batwoman’s friends and enemies alike. The showrunner says the interview will absolutely lead to some situations in which the title character will find herself in increased danger due to her coming out.

One specific issue at the heart of the show will be how conflicted the Gotham City Police Department is going to be when it’s time to signal for the caped crusader’s help.