‘Paul Bearer’ Urn Stunt Was Approved By Family

Paul Bearer Dies: Legendary WWE Manager Dead At 58

CM Punk caught a little bit of flack this week when he used Paul Bearer’s urn to attack Kane. But don’t worry, like most things on the WWE state, it was staged.

The WWE was having a tribute to Paul Bearer, who passed away earlier this month, when CM Punk stole the legend’s urn and used it to attack Kane.

Fans were upset with CM Punk for doing something so disrespectful. But don’t worry, it was all an act.

Paul’s son Michael Moody told TMZ that the act was pre-planned and had the approval of Paul’s family.

Moody said: “We felt that dad would have wanted us at RAW last week and agreed to the angle … We knew Dad wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”

According to Lords of Pain, the stunt was used to promote CM Punk as a villain before next week’s Wrestlemania. Some fans thought that the WWE crossed the line by desecrating Paul Bearer’s urn but it isn’t like Wrestling hasn’t used similar stunts in the past to promote big events.

Anyone remember when Big Bossman interrupted the funeral of Big Show’s father, tied the casket to the car, then drove around through the cemetery? And before you get angry, yes, that was staged too.

Here’s the video of CM Punk using Paul Bearer’s urn as a weapon. Do you think the stunt crossed the line? Or is this just another example of the poetic flare that the WWE is known for.