January 22, 2020
Selena Gomez Boasts Of Billboard 200 Chart Success On Instagram

Selena Gomez has just scored another Billboard 200 Chart hit with her album, Rare. To celebrate, she took to her official Instagram account in order to boast about the achievement.

According to Billboard, Gomez has earned her third No. 1 hit album on their charts. It was released on January 10 by Interscope Records and quickly raced ahead to take the top position ahead of other new contenders. This is also the sixth time that Gomez has managed to make the Top 10 in the coveted Billboard chart. Previously, Revival (2015) and Stars Dance (2013) both made No. 1. In addition, three of her projects with The Scene also placed in the Top 10 with When the Sun Goes Down (2011, No. 3), A Year Without Rain (2010, No. 4), and Kiss and Tell (2009, No. 9). According to Billboard, the only album of Gomez's to miss out on a Top 10 placement was her greatest hits package, For You, which came in at No. 24 in 2014.

Selena shared the exciting news with her 166 million followers on Instagram. Posting an image of herself with the news printed above it, the singer surprised her fans with the announcement. However, she did admit that it took a lot of effort on hers -- and her fans -- behalf in order to grab the top stop.

"I was a bit embarrassed asking so often for you to stream or buy my album," Selena wrote in the caption. "It felt inauthentic."

She then went on to thank her fans for their support in her latest musical endeavor and stating that it will be a moment which she will "never forget."

Her fans were quick to share in her excitement and appeared to be in no way put out by Selena's push for the top Billboard spot.

"YES! So proud of you always," wrote the verified WE Movement account.

"So so so proud of you! Your story. Your words. What an album," wrote a fan, finishing off their comment with a purple heart emoji.

"So proud of u. U deserve it," said another follower to Selena's Instagram account.

"I'm streaming all day!!" was a further comment from a dedicated fan.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Selena has been using her Instagram account frequently in relation to the new release. A recent post shows several gorgeously flirty images taken from the shooting of the music video for the clip for the "Rare" single which is featured on the album.

Music fans can watch Selena's official clip for "Rare" in the video below.