KAPOOYA! Michelle Clark Is The New Sweet Brown [Viral Video]

Kapooya lady is new internet meme

Scoot over, Sweet Brown. You too, Antoine Dodson. There’s a new viral news report catching steam online.

Michelle Clark was the star of a local news program and later, the Internet, for her unique take on a hail storm that blew through her neighborhood this week. Clark, of Houston, was interviewed by a KPRC reporter after a storm ripped through a mobile home park and dropped massive hailstones on its inhabitants.

“Man, them jokers was big!” Clark enthusiastically declares between dry local news reporting. The part that really made this video go viral was Clark’s description of what a giant hailstone dropping on a mobile home sounds like. And that sound is “KAPOOYA! KAPOOYA!”

Clark escaped personal injury, saying “I ran to my restroom and then called my mama,” during the storm.

The “KAPOOYA lady” is the latest viral sensation to come from an otherwise mundane local news report. First, there was Antoine Dodson. You might not recognize the name, but if I said “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife,” you’ll immediately recall the auto-tuned remix of the hilarious report that you purchased on iTunes.

Then there was Sweet Brown, who is still enjoying her 15 minutes of fame in both viral video and meme form. You’ll recall she woke up to get a “cold pop,” to find that her residence was on fire. She explained humorously that she suffers from Bronchitis and was able to escape the blaze, reasoning “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Now the “KAPOOYA lady” has emerged, and she’ll likely shuffle Sweet Brown out of her coveted top spot (though she’ll likely still live on in meme form for some time). Clark’s video is still going viral on YouTube, and I’m not sure if anyone has auto-tuned it yet, but what I’d really like to see is a super-cut auto-tune remix featuring all three of our local news heroes. Get to it, Internet!

Until then, here’s Michelle Clark’s accurate description of a hail storm. KAPOOYA!