Anna Katharina Teases Fans In Unbuttoned Daisy Dukes In Flirty Video

Anna Katharina poses for a selfie.
Anna Katharina / Instagram

Blond beauty Anna Katharina has a body worthy of envy, and she likes to show it off on social media. Earlier in the week, she gave her 1.2 million Instagram followers something to get excited about when she teased them by posing in unbuttoned shorts in a flirty video.

Anna’s Daisy Dukes were white, and she paired them with a skimpy, pink bikini top. The top was a classic triangle style that put plenty of her cleavage on display.

Anna was on the beach for the video, which was an ad for Bang Energy drink. The clip began with Anna facing the camera with her shorts unbuttoned and wearing a sultry look on her face. The sun and the ocean were behind her, highlighting her hourglass shape.

The video moves through several scenes that show Anna from different angles. In one section, the camera zoomed in on her waist as she tugged on the top of her shorts. One portion of the video captured Anna as she leaned against a rock at the beach and gave the camera a sexy look. Another scene showed her walking and fluffing her hair while wearing a huge smile on her face.

The video also showed Anna sipping from the can in several seductive poses. She then strolled along the beach with the can in her hand and a flirty smile on her face. She also posed standing and drinking, with one hand in her pocket, and another scene showed her from the side, giving her fans a peek at some sideboob.

Anna’s hair fell in loose curls over her shoulders. She wore a face full of makeup that included smoky eyeshadow, thick lashes, and a pink shade on her lips.

In the post’s caption, she plugged the drink.

Her followers had nothing but good things to say about how she looked in the video.

“Very beautiful awesome looking lady,” one follower said.

“That sure looks delicious,” quipped a second admirer.

“You’re simply a beauty,” wrote a third fan.

“Gorgeous body beautiful girl,” commented a fourth follower.

Anna seems to be fond of bikinis. A quick scroll through her Instagram page shows that a good deal of her posts feature her scantily clad in sexy swimwear.

That being said, she isn’t all about bathing suits. She has also modeled dresses, jeans and workout wear. Her fans can always bet that whatever she wears, she will look sensational.