Kaley Cuoco Thought A Man Was Attacking Her When Her Hair Was On Fire In Rome

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Kaley Cuoco recounted a scary experience at a bar in Rome during her latest episode of A Cup of Cuoco.

On Monday, Kaley shared the episode on her Instagram page. The Big Bang Theory star revealed that she was about to wrap filming on The Flight Attendant in Rome, but her famous blond locks didn’t escape her trip unscathed. According to Kaley, her hair went up in flames during a fun night out with a few members of her new show’s cast and crew.

While the fire incident was something that happened in real life, she said that it seemed like something that would happen to Cassie, the character she plays on The Flight Attendant.

“I feel like I’m morphing into her by the day,” Kaley said.

The actress revealed that she had gotten “sucked into the nightlife” in Rome, so she was out enjoying a few drinks at a bar with her co-workers and a friend who had flown in from London. A member of The Flight Attendant cast had taken them to one of the “authentic local hangouts” in Rome, where people were drinking outside and dancing in the streets.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it,” Kaley said.

Instead of joining the dancing revelers outside, Kaley chose to chill out indoors.

“I’m just sitting there enjoying myself, talking to the girls, and I smell something,” Kaley recounted. “And it smells like someone is like, burning toast, and I’m like, ‘It stinks in here.'”

Kaley said that one of her friend’s eyes got “really big.” At the same time, a man came up behind her and started patting her down.

“What I’m thinking is he’s attacking me,” Kaley said.

As this was happening, Kaley heard someone shout, “Fuoco! Fuoco! Fuoco!” She mistook this for her last name.

“My narcissist brain goes, ‘Yes, I’m Ms. Cuoco. Yes, do you want a picture?'”

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Fuoco! Fuoco!

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As Kaley pointed out in her video, “fuoco” means “fire” in Italian. She eventually realized that she had sat down right in front of a lit candelabra.

Luckily, the fire in her hair was easy to put out because she was wearing most of it up, and she didn’t have any product in it. However, she said that one of her girlfriends ended up “pushing embers” off her shoulders.

Kaley credited the man who she initially feared was attacking her with saving her life, and she said that she later bought him a drink.

Luckily, most of Kaley’s hair survived the incident, and it looked amazing in her Instagram video. She was wearing her tresses partially up in a chic doughnut bun. Her hair’s shorter layers had been left down, and they were styled in soft waves. Kaley was also sporting a full face of makeup, including a vibrant pink lip. She was rocking the same floral-print maxi dress that she was pictured rocking in a photo with her assistant. According to the actress, she was in full hair and makeup for her final day of shooting in Rome.

At the end of her video, Kaley reflected on her fiery experience as one that she and her fellow cast members will never forget.

“It was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget, and it was a bonding moment between me and my cast for them to see me so lit up,” Kaley said. “It was hilarious.”