January 21, 2020
Ozzy Osbourne Opens Up About His 'Miserable' Year In First TV Tell-All After Tragic Bathroom Fall

Ozzy Osbourne says 2019 was the worst year of his life. In a sneak peek to a new TV interview, the 71-year-old hard rock legend opened up to Good Morning America about his "painful" and "miserable" year just a few weeks after shutting down rumors that he was on his deathbed.

In an interview alongside his wife Sharon, Ozzy told GMA's Robin Roberts that his downward spiral started last February after he suffered a fall in his bathroom in the middle of the night.

"When I had the fall it was pitch black, I went to the bathroom and I fell. I just fell and landed like a slam on the floor and I remember lying there thinking, 'Well, you've done it now,' really calm. Sharon [called] an ambulance. After that it was all downhill," Ozzy said.

Ozzy went on to describe 2019 as the "worst, longest, most painful, miserable year of my life."

After the February 2019 bathroom fall dislocated metal rods that were put into Ozzy's body following a near-fatal 2003 ATV accident, the rock legend underwent surgery to have 15 screws put in his spine. The Black Sabbath legend was also hospitalized multiple times last year for serious medical ailments including the flu and an infection in his hand, per Page Six.

Ozzy and his family members have spoken out about his health multiple times over the past year. After his medical problems forced him to cancel his plans for a world tour, Ozzy explained to fans that it was just taking him longer to recover from his ailments than expected.

"I'm not dying," Ozzy said in a Twitter video posted in October 2019. "I am recovering, it's just taking a little bit longer than everyone thought it would. I'm bored stiff of being stuck on a f*cking bed all day. Now will you f*ck off and let me get better?"

Sharon Osbourne also spoke about Ozzy's health on her CBS chatfest The Talk, assuring fans that rumors of his imminent death were false and that he was just recovering from a series of setbacks.

Fans were thrilled to see Ozzy on stage at the American Music Awards in November in a performance with Post Malone and Travis Scott. The rocker performed the song "Take What You Want" from a throne on a fiery stage.

In early January, Ozzy once again shut down rumors that he was dying. The "Ironman" singer took to Instagram to prove he is alive and well amid tabloid reports that he was on his deathbed suffering from a mystery ailment and being unable to even recognize his wife of nearly 40 years.

Roberts has revealed that Ozzy will share more about what he has been dealing with over the past year when the full interview airs on Good Morning America. The ABC News veteran teased that there are things that Ozzy hasn't been able to share with his fans until now.