Natalie Roser Dishes Sultry Looks In Light Blue Lingerie On Instagram

Natalie Roser wears a bikini.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Natalie Roser took to her Instagram page today to share a new video. She was seen posing in light blue lingerie while dishing sultry looks.

The Australian beauty stood under an archway. She was framed on the side and bottom with stone walls. Meanwhile, the ceiling behind her seemed to be made of a row of wooden logs.

The lingerie was lacy. Her bra left her cleavage on display, while her bottoms were sheer with frilly, jagged edges. It didn’t look like she wore any accessories or shoes, although her white manicure peeked through. She opted to wear her hair down in luxurious, soft waves that framed her face.

The video began with Natalie standing under the archway and propping out her left knee in front. She played with her hair with her right hand while placing her other hand on her hips. The camera then zoomed in as the model continued to change her pose slightly.

From there, Natalie was seen grabbing a hold of the arch with her right hand. She then took her other hand and crossed it behind her arm. The stunner gave sultry looks and changed the positioning of her leg and hips.

A closer look gave fans a better view of her toned figure. Her skin looked especially tan and glowing.

The photoshoot took place on a sunny day. Blue skies peeked through in the corner of the frame.

The bombshell’s admirers left tons of nice compliments in the comments section.

“Everything is perfect in this. The setting, the angle, and you!” raved a follower.

“Omg, you are such a cut above most people on this media platform. In a class of your own and to make things even better…you’re an Ozzy,” gushed an admirer.

Others referred to the captions.

“W[O]W, sweet mini video clip Natalie. As far as the caption goes. Yeah? Great job. Thanks for sharing,” wrote a fan, who used the blue heart emoji in the word “wow.”

“That is a dream job for all involved Natalie!!! Guess never disappoints,” declared a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the model posted another photo to her Instagram feed three days ago. This time, she rocked a blue lingerie set. It was a sporty ensemble that featured denim. It also happened to be another shot from her ad campaign for Guess Lingerie. She was seen posing on her knees in front of a large plant. The bombshell placed her hands behind her head and tilted her head to the side.