Alleged Killers Of Infant In Stroller Arrested

Two teens arrested in baby stroller murder

Brunswick, GA — Two teenagers who allegedly killed an infant in a stroller have been arrested.

The duo confronted the baby’s mother, Sherry West, on Thursday morning and demanded money. When she didn’t have any, one of them allegedly opened fire, killing 13-month old Antonio. Sherry suffered minor injuries to her left ear and left leg from gunfire in the robbery attempt. West had pleaded with the gunmen not to harm her son, but one of them cold-bloodedly shot the toddler in the face.

Of the incident, West said that “He asked me for money and I said I didn’t have it. When you have a baby, you spend all your money on babies. They’re expensive. And he kept asking and I just said ‘I don’t have it.’ And he said, `Do you want me to kill your baby?’ And I said, `No, don’t kill my baby!'”

After a manhunt, Brunswick, Georgia, police have today arrested DeMarquis Elkins, 17, and an accomplice, age 14 (who was not identified because he is a minor) for the crime. Elkins is considered an adult under Georgia law. Both teens have been charged with first-degree murder.

In announcing the arrests, Police Chief Tobe Green said investigators have not determined a motive for the “horrendous act,” and that the weapon weapon had not yet been found. The investigation is ongoing.

Brunswick officials had offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the crime.

As if this story could not be horrible and tragic enough, West lost another child to violence in 2008. Her son Shaun was killed with a steak knife in a street corner attack.

Watch Sherry West comment on the murder of her baby and Chief Green announce the arrests at a brief press conference: