Niece Waidhofer Sizzles In Sexy Corset On Instagram

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie.
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Niece Waidhofer shared a sizzling new photo with her 1.3 million Instagram fans today wherein she was seen rocking a sexy corset.

The lingerie top was made of black leather that featured thin strips that were laced together. This included two pieces that hugged her chest and her midriff. A couple more pieces were attached to the sides of her waist. Each leather section featured multiple silver grommets down the sides. These were then decorated with crisscrossed strings. This meant that the majority of her skin was left exposed. Plus, her cleavage was on full display.

Niece also wore a pair of black, brief-style bottoms. In addition, she sported two leather pieces on her upper thighs. These were decorated with circular, silver studs and a round metal accent in the front. The tags revealed that her look was from a brand called Dolls Kill, which is based in Los Angeles and on Haight Street in San Francisco.

Moreover, the stunner stood with her body facing the camera straight-on and positioned her hands by her sides. Meanwhile, her tiny waist and slender legs were hard-to-miss. She glanced to her left with a coy pout on her face.

Her skin looked light and glowing, thanks to the dark contrast of her makeup and outfit. She wore heavy mascara and dark eyeshadow along with liner on her lower lids. She further accessorized with a collar necklace that she tied into a bow in the front.

The model stood in front of a blank backdrop with light streaming in from the left side of the frame.

Niece’s admirers headed to the comments section to share their various messages.

“You’re dope keep doing you!” exclaimed a supporter.

Many people referred to her silly captions.

“These two charges are quite impressive. Did you at least tip the door dash drive [sic]?” wondered a follower.

“I think you should start a blog. Your captions are always amazing,” gushed a fan.

“You look so WOW Hope you have a great week and stay safe out there love,” suggested a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, Niece previously posted another lingerie pic five days ago. This time, she rocked a revealing red bra. The top had halter-like straps with lace accents that covered the top half of her chest. This left her underboob on display, which was decorated with several straps. The bombshell wore her hair down in a heavy part and placed her left hand on the side of her head. She accessorized with a thick gold bracelet.