Sky Days Shows Underboob In Leopard-Print Swimsuit On Instagram

Sky Days takes a selfie.
Sky Days / Instagram

Sky Days posted a new sizzling video to her Instagram page today, one where she flaunted some underboob in a leopard-print swimsuit.

The top part of the suit was short-sleeved and arguably too short, as the Black Ink Crew star’s chest could be seen peeking through the bottom. On the other hand, it had a high neckline so her cleavage was obscured. Her bottoms were matching and were also revealing, with high waist straps and string that she wrapped around her midriff several times. It was tied into a bow in the front, which added a flirty flair to her look. The ensemble left her toned midriff on display.

Meanwhile, Sky flashed sultry looks while glancing down at the camera. Her hair was worn down in the middle, her long locks cascading down her lower back. Her makeup consisted of glossy dark lipstick and a hint of a cat-eye, as well as eyeliner on her lower lids and shimmery eyeshadow. She accessorized with a couple of eye-catching necklaces that seemed to bear the Chanel logo.

The stunner was snapped on a boat that was floating beneath an overpass. She held a red object in her right hand, which revealed her light manicure and ring, while also sticking her tongue out and tilting her head to the right. Blue skies peeked through in the shot.

The geotag revealed that she was in Miami, Florida. She also tagged the company that she was using to enjoy the boat ride — PIINK Ocean Concierge.

The reality TV star’s admirers left their compliments in the comments section.

“Yessssss I love this bathing suit,” declared a supporter.

“Beautiful! I wanna know where u [sic] got your swimsuit,” wondered a follower, with plenty of others asking the same thing.

Some people also referred to her captions.

“I’m minding my business and staying out of trouble too,” sympathized a fan.

“YESSS, YOU ARE TO [sic] BEAUTIFUL TO GET IN TROUBLE!!” raved another social media user.

In addition, Sky posted another bikini pic on December 24. That time, she rocked a bright yellow ensemble with a tiger-print design. The top hugged her chest while the bottoms had a thong-cut that left her booty bare. She posed with her back angled towards the camera, looking over her shoulder and sticking her tongue out. The tattoo artist also sported white sunglasses and tugged at her hair with one hand while posing in front of a tropical landscape.