Sara Underwood Takes Her Top Off In A Canoe For Sexy Instagram Video

David BeckerGetty Images

Sara Underwood embraced nature in the sultriest way possible in a new video shared to photographer Steve Bitanga’s Instagram page. In the clip, the stunning model sat on a canoe as she took off her bikini top and played with her hair.

The video showed Sara from behind as she sat in a silver canoe, which gently floated on a quiet green lake. In the distance, breathtaking mountains could be seen. According to the post’s geotag, Steve and Sara were enjoying some nature time in Washington. A few clouds appeared to be rolling in over the lake, but that didn’t stop Sara from soaking up the sun in a tiny polka-dotted two-piece swimsuit.

Sara’s look featured a red-and-white triangle-shaped bikini top with thin, criss-cross straps that tied together on her muscular back. In addition, she rocked a matching thong that came up high on her hips to accentuate her hourglass figure. Her pert derriere was also on full display.

When the model turned her head, it became clear that she was rocking some makeup, including expertly contoured cheekbones, thick lashes, and a nude color on her full lips. Sara’s medium-length blond hair fell down her back in luscious waves.

The video was set to calming instrumental music, which could be heard over the sounds of birds chirping and water gently lapping against the canoe. First, Sara playfully tugged at her bikini bottoms, pulling them up slightly to reveal even more skin. At one point, it looked like she was going to slide them down, but she let them rest on her hips.

Then, Sara began to play with her hair by collecting it in a messy bun behind her head and quickly letting go. Her tresses bounced as she shook them out a bit. Next, Sara slowly reached behind her back to untie her top. She turned her head to the camera to flash a flirty smile as she pulled the top off completely and threw it to the side.

Steve’s post garnered more than 6,600 views and a little less than 20 comments within an hour of having been shared. Many of the photographer’s followers gushed over Sara — and the video itself — in the comments section.

“Beautiful,” one fan wrote, adding a few lipstick stain emoji.

“I loveeee,” another user added.

One fan said that Steve was their “idol” for recording the video.

As fans of Sara know, she and Steve often head out into nature to capture some gorgeous content for their Instagram feeds. Last month, Steve recorded a video of Sara rocking a pearl-covered bikini by a waterfall in Bali.