Daisy Keech Sizzles In Butterfly Bikini On Instagram

Daisy Keech took to her Instagram page earlier today to share a new photo with her 2.4 million followers. In her most recent upload, the stunner posed in a bikini with butterfly graphics.

The ensemble featured a classic cut. The top was a triangle-style, while the bottoms had long ties that fell down her upper thighs. The suit was light pink with dark pink and white butterflies throughout.

Daisy was seen striking a sexy pose as she stood facing the camera. She raised both of her hands and placed them in her hair, almost as if she was fixing her ponytail. Her elbows were extended out to the sides and she popped her right knee, tilting her left hip slightly out to the side.

The model turned her head a little to her left and closed her eyes for the shot. Her long, dark lashes were visible along with her light pink lipstick. She gave a hint of a pout and accessorized the look with a pair of hoop earrings. The photo revealed much of her toned figure, putting her flat abs on full display.

The model stood in front of a tan railing with criss-cross bars. The light blue ocean was visible in the background. A shoreline of palm trees and various buildings could be seen beyond that. The picture was taken on a cloudy day, with just glimpses of blue sky visible.

The blonde's followers had plenty of nice compliments for her and took to the comments section to show their appreciation for her looks.

"Gaaawwwdddd how are you so beautiful," gushed a supporter.

"Very pretty in pink xx xx," a second admirer observed.

Others focused on the geotag.

"A rare sighting of @daisykeech leaving LA," joked a third follower.

"That's beautiful and the location is too," a fourth fan raved.

The post's geotag revealed that the model took the photo in Saint Maarten, an island in the Caribbean. This was her first update from the tropical paradise, so fans can probably expect more pictures from there in the coming days.

Daisy seems to be a fan of graphic-print bikinis. Just last week, she posted a photo along with fellow model Mathilde Tantot. In that snap, the duo wore matching cherry bikinis. The swimsuit was white with small fruit graphics throughout.

The beauty was seen tugging at her front straps while looking down at the ground as her soft bangs framed her face. The duo was seen standing next to an outdoor pool on a sunny day for the shot.