Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Michael Rattles Sasha As Nelle’s Determination Intensifies

Sofia Mattsson and Chad Duell portray Sasha and Michael on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

New General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle’s release from Pentonville is going to have many people in Port Charles on edge. It didn’t take long for word of her release to spread, and a sneak peek for the week of January 20 suggests that it won’t take long for her to further rattle people.

The preview was shared on Monday morning via Twitter, and it contains a lot of great teasers. Last week, Michael asked Sasha to move in with him once he learned of Nelle’s release. Sasha resisted, not wanting to risk ruining how great their casual relationship has been going. However, it looks as if Michael will soon take a new approach to try to protect her.

Last week, Willow verbally sparred with Nelle at Brad’s place over Wiley. Willow wasted no time in filling Michael, Chase, and Sasha in on what happened, and Carly is about to be looped in, too. General Hospital spoilers detail that Nelle and Willow will butt heads again this week, and it looks like this will further cement Nelle’s determination to reclaim Jonah.

The new sneak peek reveals that Michael will have a tough conversation with Sasha in the days ahead. General Hospital spoilers share that he’ll try to break up with her, a move that confuses and hurts her.

As Sasha asks why he would do this, it looks like Michael will blurt out that it’s because he loves her. This will leave Sasha a bit taken aback, but she clearly has fallen hard for Michael, too. He’ll surely try to explain that he feels as if he has to end their relationship to keep her safe from Nelle.

In the meantime, Nelle will get increasingly bold at Brad’s place. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she’ll tell Brad that she’s confident her son will pick up on the bond between them as soon as she holds him in her arms again.

The show has teased that 2020 will finally bring the revelation that Wiley is really Jonah, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the bombshell may not take much longer to drop.

It sounds as if Sasha may manage to avoid Michael fully breaking up with her, as the two are said to relocate somewhere together next week. It looks like he’ll do his best to keep her close by his side and ensure she stays protected as this Nelle drama escalates.

When will everybody find out that Wiley is really Jonah? How does the truth finally emerge? According to She Knows Soaps, this situation will intensify as January continues and Nelle will be feeling miserable about things at one point. Fans are very anxious to see Michael learn that his son is still alive, and it’ll be interesting to see how this bombshell drops at last.