Fitness Trainer Krissy Cela Rocks Tie-Dye Top & Tight Gray Spandex In Sexy Workout Post: ‘Quads My Girl’

Krissy Cela snaps a selfie.
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Krissy Cela is looking good and feeling good in her most recent social media share. As fans who follow the brunette beauty on Instagram know, pretty much nothing is off-limits for the model when it comes to showing off her flawless figure for fans. She often posts photos of herself in a wide-variety of sexy ensembles that include bikinis, crop tops, and plenty of scandalous workout gear.

In the most recent series of video clips that was shared on her popular page, the smokeshow did not specifically mention where she was, though she appeared to be in a gym. In each of the different clips, the stunner showed off her killer figure while she did a series of various workouts that showcased her rock-hard abs and legs. For the occasion, she wore her long, dark locks slicked back in a low bun and appeared to be wearing minimal makeup that included eyeliner, mascara, blush, and highlighter.

The model flaunted her beautiful body in a sexy, workout-chic ensemble that included some tiny gray spandex shorts that offered generous views of her taut tummy and toned legs. Cela appeared to be in her element in all of the clips as she showed off her stamina in the numerous workout routines.

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⭐️ QUADS MY GIRL! Let me tell you something you gotta try this target workout that will burn your quads! SAVE AND LIKE! There are SO MANY target workouts on the @toneandsculptapp you can add to your personal planner! Add workouts, take them away, redo them ????Save them…. the possibility is literally endless so what you waiting for METHOD: 1️⃣ Step Ups: weight or no weight up to you! 12 Reps 3 Sets 2️⃣ Fast Box Toe Tap: hitting you with the 40 Reps ! Ouch sorry 3️⃣ COMPLEX: Quad Extensions: single single them double 40 Reps 3 Sets 4️⃣ Single Leg Leg Press: 12 Reps 3 Sets each leg! Download your 7 Day Free Trial today with #toneandsculptapp to customise your workouts and make a difference ???? #quadsworkout #legday #legworkout

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In the caption of the upload, she gave fans a run-down of all the different exercises she did as well as how many reps and sets should be done for each.

Since the post went live on her page, it’s earned the stunner a ton of attention from her legion of fans, racking up over 40,000 likes in addition to well over 300 comments. Some of her followers took to the comments section to let her know that she looked stunning, while countless others raved over her beautiful figure. A few more applauded her for the great workout.

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HARD WORK? LUCK? OR A BIT OF BOTH? I get told too often that I am where I am today out of luck. Truth be told I believe in having faith and believing in something so much that you manifest it into your life. But I also believe in hard work and MAKING things work. I started my first job at the age of 14 washing dishes. I used to give my mum all my money because she needed it more than I could have ever imagined. At the age of 16 I worked as a waitress, in retail and daymmm id even ask the neighbours if they needed their car cleaned. Life got hard and personal things happened that flipped my world upside down…. I still kept my head down and worked hard because I realised sooner rather than later that I just got to do this for myself and make it happen FOR ME When I got into university, I still worked 30 hours a week, I still trained daily, I went through a heart break that took a while to recover from, I dealt with people coming in and out of my life BUT I still worked hard and got things done. I used fitness more and more as my form of escape because honestly it helped me escape and it still does. I stopped focusing on the way it made me look and shifted my perspective on how it made me feel. I honestly just wanted to share that same feeling with as many people as possible and I’m so blessed to be able to do that every single day… like I don’t think you will realise how special you are to me my familia thank you for having my back like I have yours! I am such a firm believer that if you want something SO BAD and you LOVE something you WORK for it… YOU SACRIFICE for it! You also PUSH YOUR EGO & PRIDE ASIDE every time shit hits the fan and you make it work! I guess the reason I’m writing all of this is to basically say… never give up on the things you love and make you happy. Things might not always go to plan, but If you think about it every day and it made you happy… you gotta take that leap in faith and stop finding reasons to not make it work. So with hard work, a little luck and a whole lot of faith things will happen. ????

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“Look at those quads,” one fan gushed, adding two heart-eye emoji.

“Definitely a saved quad workout!!!!!! Your legs are absolute fire hunnie,” a second added along with a flame and heart emoji.

“Nice and tight burn champ,” complimented a third.

Previously, The Inquisitr shared that Cela stunned in another hot look when she was working out. In that particular post, she put her amazing figure on display while clad in a tiny black bra and matching leggings that had the Nike logo around the waistband. Her incredibly trim body — including her toned and tanned tummy and legs — took center stage in the post. It comes as no shock that it garnered over 69,000 likes.