Kelly Ripa Honors Son Joaquin In A Series Of Sweet Social Media Posts

Mitch HaasethABC

Kelly Ripa proudly honored her son Joaquin in a series of social media posts where the teenager was prominently featured in both a throwback video from when he was a toddler and two current images of his latest accomplishments.

In the first post she shared, the Live with Kelly and Ryan star uploaded a tender throwback video of a young Joaquin dancing to the theme song from ¡Mucha Lucha!, a children’s television show that premiered in 2002.

In the caption that accompanied the clip, Kelly revealed that her youngest son’s favorite song was the theme to the television show, stating that he “wanted to be a luchador.” In the clip, Joaquin was seen with a wild head of blond hair, wearing an American flag t-shirt and coordinating red pants as he danced around.

Joaquin’s older brother, Michael Consuelos, and older sister Lola Consuelos, can also be heard in the clip, which has been liked over 500,000 times.

Kelly can be seen briefly moving along with her son to the theme song of the show in the undated video. Joaquin was happily dancing in circles, his hair bouncing up and down. He clapped his hands to the music as his entire family happily encouraged him along.

Kelly then posted a few photos of present-day Joaquin competing with his high school wrestling team.

In the caption of the images, Kelly shared that her son continues to learn life lessons as a member of the sports group, noting “you win some, you lose some” to her followers.

Joaquin was shirtless in the first pic alongside an advisor. He was wearing protective headgear and a mouth guard that was off to one side as he drank from a water bottle after what appears to be a match.

In the next photo, a smiling Joaquin posed with two advisors and had what appears to be wads of cotton up his nostrils. The cotton was potentially there to stop a nosebleed, although Kelly did not mention if her son was injured during his match.

The talk show host quipped he had a “tampon” shoved up his nose.

Followers of the entertainment personality were thrilled at the uploads and shared their sentiments in the comments sections.

The first to remark on the post of Joaquin as an infant was his big sister Lola, who said watching the video “made my heart hurt.”

“This is pure joy!!! Can’t stop watching,” wrote a second fan in the comments section of the adorable clip.

For the set of more recent images, fans of the young man commented on his dedication to the sport and how handsome he was. They also encouraged him to continue to push past any adversities he might encounter while wrestling.