Brunette Bombshell Lyna Perez Teases Fans & Tugs On Bikini Bottoms In Flirty Video

Lyna Perez poses for a selfie.
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Brunette bombshell Lyna Perez showed off her fabulous figure in her latest Instagram update. The beauty teased her fans and tugged on her suit bottoms as she walked around in a skimpy bikini.

Lyna’s swimsuit was a sexy hot pink number that left little to the imagination. The top was unique in that it had small cups that were connected with three thin straps, revealing plenty of her cleavage. The bottoms were a classic string style, putting her curvy hips on display.

The stunner’s update was a flirty video ad for Bang energy drink that showed her outside as she modeled the swimwear. The video began with her opening a door, showcasing her entire body as she walked with a can of the drink in her hand. The video has several scenes of Lyna looking incredibly hot while drinking from the can.

In some portions of the clip, Lyna turned up the heat by playfully tugging on her bikini bottoms while giving the camera sultry looks. Other sections showed the beauty walking as she fluffed her hair and strutted her stuff. One scene captured the beauty from the side, showing off her flat abs and the curve of her booty while she walked. In yet another steamy portion of the clip, Lyna was sitting on a window ledge with her legs slightly spread while she played with her hair. In other scenes, she showcased her fit physique while spinning around.

Lyna wore her hair down in big curls. Her makeup included dark brows, smoky eyeshadow, and contoured cheeks. She wore a rose color on her full lips and added a bit of bling with a pair of hoop earrings.

In the post’s caption, Lyna mentioned the drink.

Her fans got a bang out of the video. Many took to the comments section to tell her how hot she looked in it.

“you’re literally the most hottest and prettiest girl ever,” one admirer gushed.

“You look breathtaking,” wrote another fan.

“You’re the most beautiful lady on Instagram,” commented a third follower.

One follower told Lyna about his favorite part of the video.

“The intro was jaw dropping. Watchin you open the door like that,” he admired.

Lyna has a way of dropping jaws. Most of the time she leaves her fans in awe by wearing barely-there bikinis. When she’s not in a bathing suit, she is usually flaunting her curves in some other kind of revealing outfit. No matter what she wears, her fans seem to love her updates.