Impact Wrestling Rumors: Tessa Blanchard Allegedly Attempted To ‘Dig Up Dirt’ On One Of Her Accusers

Tessa Blanchard walks to the ring during an episode of NXT.

In the days leading up to Tessa Blanchard’s historic world title win at Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill pay-per-view, the third-generation wrestler was accused by several former colleagues who replied to one of her tweets and claimed that she had previously engaged in bullying and racist behavior. While she eventually issued a statement denying the allegations, one of Blanchard’s more prominent accusers recently fired back, claiming that the 24-year-old grappler tried to turn the tables by having someone look for evidence that the accuser was a “huge bully.”

As reported by, Allysin Kay (formerly Sienna on TNA/Impact Wrestling) took to Twitter on Sunday, saying that she wanted to put the issue behind her before someone notified her that Blanchard was “trying to spread lies” about her. To back this up, she shared a few screenshots of text messages she received from a friend, who was warning her about what the newly-crowned Impact World Champion was supposedly trying to do. That friend, as quoted by the publication, texted Kay a screenshot of a message Blanchard purportedly sent in an attempt to “dig up dirt” on her former colleague.

“I’m trying to convince an IMPACT employee to talk to you about Allysin Kay. Apparently she was a huge bully in TNA. He won’t talk to me cause the link would be apparent. But he is thinking of talking to someone else. Would you be interested?”

The friend, as seen in one of the screenshots, also described Blanchard as a “f*cking comic book villain” who “wants to get revenge” after being exposed for her alleged behavior.

In a subsequent tweet, Kay said that many bullied individuals choose not to speak up because the people they accused fight back by making themselves look like the victims. However, that was also the reason the former Impact Knockouts Champion said she decided to open up about the matter, as she added that she has a “thick skin,” a “large platform,” and several colleagues who could back up her statements.

Although Kay is far from the only wrestler who has publicly accused Blanchard of being a bully and/or a racist, the young star has also had her share of supporters, including former WWE and ECW standout Tommy Dreamer. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dreamer — who now works as a producer for Impact Wrestling — said that he was warned about Blanchard’s reputation as a difficult person to deal with but personally did not have any issues while working with her. He also shot down the allegations of racism, pointing out that the reigning Impact World Champion had once dated an African American (current WWE superstar Ricochet) and is presently engaged to a Mexican wrestler.