Viral Photos Show Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Briefly Holding Hands During Run-In At SAG Awards

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston finally had their award show run-in --- and it was everything fans had been hoping for.

The former couple have been on increasingly friendly terms in recent years and even hung out a few times, but their meetings took place away from cameras. With the two both slated for nominations this award season, many were hoping that Brad and Jen might cross paths at some point on the red carpet where fans would get to see the two together again for the first time in more than a decade.

At the SAG Awards on Sunday, it finally happened.

As Entertainment Tonight noted, the two cross paths backstage at the award show and even briefly locked hands during their meeting.

"Aniston and Pitt couldn't have looked happier when they spotted each other backstage, with the pair looking as if they were about to hug," the report noted.

"In another photo, Pitt grabs Aniston's hand as she turns away from him."
Other videos showed Brad watching intently as Jennifer accepted the award for Outstanding Female in a Drama Series for her role on The Morning Show.

The pictures of Pitt and Aniston together quickly drew viral interest. Many shared the snaps of their happy meeting on social media, happy to see the two on good terms again after one of the biggest Hollywood splits in decades. The two were one of the most powerful couples in show business leading up to their 2005 split, which itself was major news.

Their marriage fell apart after Brad and Angelina Jolie connected on the set of their movie, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, but a certain segment of fans held out hope that Brad and Jen might one day be back together. This hope was fed by a string of tabloid reports that the couple may be getting back together, though none ever came to fruition.

While the meeting at the SAG Awards may have been brief, it seemed to go over very well with this contingent of fans. Many left messages on social media hoping that they might spark a romance again now that they are both single.
It doesn't seem a romantic reunion is in the cards for Brad and Jen, however. While Brad said he was looking forward to an award show run-in with his former wife, he made it clear that the two are just friends.

"I'll run into Jen, she's a good friend. Yeah," Pitt said.