January 20, 2020
'Sports Illustrated' Hottie Camille Kostek Ditches Her Pants For Racy Instagram Pictures

Camille Kostek is hard to ignore in her latest racy Instagram snaps, even if there are a pair of big football games on television.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and girlfriend of former NFL star Rob Gronkowski took to the social media site to share a pair of very revealing images. In the modeling shots, Camille wore a colorful shirt and no pants as she offered the camera a sultry look.

In one of the shots, Camille leaned over with her leg and high heel up in the air as she stood over a television. In another shot, she leaned over to iron her pants, showing off her lean legs. Kostek wrote in the caption that she was "trying to get his attention" on football Sunday, likely competing for her boyfriend's interest amid the AFC and NFC championship games that would decide who is meeting in the Super Bowl.

The pictures were a big hit with Camille's 700,000 followers, racking up more than 30,000 likes and all kinds of comments from fans. Many noted that the Sports Illustrated model would have their undivided attention, despite the big games going on.

"Goodness gracious," one person wrote.

"How are you even human," another very impressed fan added.

Despite the caption, Camille doesn't seem to have much trouble getting the attention of her famous boyfriend. Since his retirement from the NFL, Rob has traded roles with Camille and been a big supporter of her career, frequently showing up on the red carpet and following along to her events.

The two also spend plenty of time together now that Rob has retired from the NFL. As The Inquisitr noted in a November report, Camille took to Instagram to share a sweet selfie of the couple. The snap was a big hit with fans and led to some unsolicited advice for their relationship -- and for Rob's career.

"You guys are sooooo cute together…you need to start having babies. Oh and also tell him to come back to the Pat's..we need him," one fan wrote, hoping that Gronkowski might be able to come back to the field and help turn around the Patriots late-season downturn.

Gronkowski opted to stay retired, and the Patriots were bounced in the wild card round of the NFL playoffs. That means Rob was left at home watching the games on championship weekend -- if he could keep his eyes off Camille Kostek, that is.