11-Year-Old Gives Birth After A Year Of Sexual Abuse

11 Year Old Gives Birth After A Year Of Sexual Abuse

An 11-year-old has given birth after nearly a year of sexual abuse. The alleged rapist, Deandrea Devon Davis-Williams, was arrested in Houston, Texas on Tuesday.

According to court documents, staff at the girl’s school noticed she was having pregnancy symptoms and contacted her mother. Her mother was terribly concerned and picked the girl up from school.

They were discussing the symptoms and possibility of pregnancy, when the young girl broke down and told her mother she had been raped.

As reported by ABC News, the woman took her daughter to a doctor, who confirmed she was indeed pregnant.

The criminal complaint states that the girl was repeatedly raped by a neighbor for over seven months. The attacks reportedly happened after school while the girl’s mother was at work.

Authorities state that the sexual abuse happened “almost every day,” during the summer months and continued on weekdays during the school year. Davis-Williams was a neighbor, so he could monitor when the girl’s mother left the apartment.

The 11-year-old eventually became pregnant from the abuse, and had to tell her mother and authorities what happened.

The mother approached Davis-Williams about her daughter’s accusations, but he denied any involvement with the girl. Although he denies the accusation, Davis-Williams reportedly sent a text to the girl threatening suicide because she told her mom.

The 11-year-old was in her third trimester before her mother found out she was pregnant, and she has now given birth. As reported by USA Today, her baby was born yesterday. The mother and baby are both said to be healthy.


Davis-Williams has been charged criminally for repeated sexual abuse of the girl. His appointed defense Attorney is Joe Owmby. Neither Davis-Williams, nor his attorney, have commented on the accusations.

The defendant is currently being held on $50,000 bond and his arraignment will take place on April 23. He maintains that he had nothing to do with the 11-year-old getting pregnant.