WWE News: Superstar Admits That He Isn’t A Fan Of Psycho Gimmick

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Since returning to WWE in 2017, Drew McIntyre has been portrayed as a heel known as “The Scottish Psychopath.” The idea behind the character is that he’s dominant and merciless, but the man behind the gimmick has revealed that the persona is nothing like him at all. As quoted by 411Mania, the superstar joined Corey Graves on the After the Bell podcast, where they discussed why McIntyre isn’t a fan of that moniker.

“I didn’t necessarily love the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ name because I wasn’t necessarily doing psychotic on television. But the real Drew Galloway is psychotic in his drive. This is what I always wanted to do, and I did let that huge opportunity slip away. And I don’t regret it; like I say, all the ups and downs have led me to the man I am today and the position that I’m in. To be ready for every opportunity that’s given to me.”

In recent weeks, McIntyre has displayed more of his real-life personality, suggesting that he’s being positioned for a big babyface run in 2020. According to the superstar, the person fans have been watching on Monday Night Raw these past couple of months is the “real” McIntyre, and he appears to be more comfortable this way.

During the podcast, McIntyre also noted how Graves has been calling for superstars to be allowed to showcase more of their actual personalities on WWE television. One of the biggest criticisms directed toward the WWE product in the current era is the way in which superstars are micromanaged and overly scripted. As noted by The Sportster, Graves has been vocal about it on his podcast, as he believes that it’s holding talented performers back.

McIntyre appears to have been entrusted by company management to put more of himself into his gimmick, which might have something to do with last year’s appointment of Paul Heyman as the executive director of Monday Night Raw.

While the superstar has yet to win the Universal Championship, he has been a consistent presence in the upper midcard since returning to the company. Perhaps this will be the year when he’s finally given an opportunity to become a main event star.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, McIntyre has had a fascinating career in regards to his character development. He was given the “McIntyre” alias 10 minutes before making his WWE debut, as Stephanie McMahon told him that he couldn’t use his real surname right before a match.