WWE News: Lana No Longer Tolerating Cyber Abuse Over Controversial Storyline

No matter how much more ridiculous the love affair storyline between WWE's Lana, Bobby Lashley, Rusev and Liv Morgan becomes on a weekly basis, some online trolls can't stop taking things too far. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lana and Lashley have received death threats and abuse because of their fictional relationship, which has resulted in the authorities getting involved. This weekend, however, Lana decided that she will no longer tolerate the disrespect.

As documented by Ringside News, the superstar took to social media for a series of tweets, where she revealed that she's tired of the abuse. However, she wasn't letting her critics bring her down and declared her intention of removing all negative people from her life.

"Today I decided to love myself & be kind to myself and cut off everyone else that doesn't treat me with love & respect."

"The Ravishing Russian" also said that she's at a point where she must stand up to the trolls, but she didn't go into specifics about any action she plans to take against them moving forward.

"Sometimes we just have to draw a line in the sand and be like no more. No more verbal abuse, no more emotional abuse, no more cyber abuse. Today is the day I say NO MORE."
While social media can be a great tool for people, wrestlers have to deal with the negative side of it on a daily basis. In addition to Lana and Lashley receiving death threats, so-called fans have also targeted their ire at The Young Bucks, which led to the All Elite Wrestling superstars deleting their Twitter accounts for the sake of their mental health.

However, the abuse leveled at Lana and Lashley has been especially insidious, and has brought out some racists, sexists, and other undesirables in full force -- all because of a polarizing storyline that isn't to their liking.

The storyline initially began as a simple affair angle where Lana left Rusev for Lashley. However, since then, it's been revealed that Lana was also in a secret relationship with Morgan. The latter element of the storyline hasn't been very well-received across the industry, as many fans believe that it's derailed Morgan from becoming a major star.

Furthermore, the storyline has also been deemed problematic. As noted by the New York Post, some people have been critical of its insensitivity toward the LGBTQ community, as it's effectively used same-sex relationships as a punchline.