WWE Rumors: Heel Stable Could Add Fifth Member Before ‘WrestleMania’

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It’s been a few years since a main roster WWE faction featured more than three members, which is why Buddy Murphy joining Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain’s stable on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw was surprising. However, he might not even be the final member to join the group in the coming weeks.

According to Sportskeeda‘s Tom Colohue, the group could be set to add another member in the lead up to WWE’s biggest show of the year. Furthermore, the journalist also revealed how each member will get better under the guidance of Rollins.

“You always have the leader, the vocal leader at the top, and then it’s important that you don’t have anyone else on his level. Buddy Murphy is nowhere near Seth Rollins’ level. He will benefit so much from association with Seth Rollins. Same with AOP, they will benefit from the association, from Rollins’ charisma, from Rollins’ talking, they will benefit from that. All four men are going to benefit, and I do agree, they will probably add at least one more in the build-up to WrestleMania.”

If the stable does add more members, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a female superstar join the fold. The faction has a main eventer, a tag team, and a mid-card star in their ranks now. One of the roster’s several talented women would make them eligible for every championship on the red brand.

The company has also faced criticism in recent weeks for misusing some of its female talents. Adding a performer who isn’t being used at the moment would be a great way of giving her some creative direction, which is sorely lacking for a substantial portion of the roster.

However, it remains to be seen what WWE’s plans are for the stable, but it is exciting to see a throwback stable on television again. As Colohue noted, stables like this were commonplace back in the 1990s, and perhaps this could be the start of a return to group warfare. There are plenty of unused superstars on all of WWE’s shows that could benefit from pairing up with each other.

It’s also interesting to see WWE introduce another faction just months after All Elite Wrestling came onto the scene. The rival company has been utilizing its large roster by creating stables like The Inner Circle and The Dark Order, and it’s possible that WWE is trying to counteract the popularity of those groups.