Ana Cheri Goes Totally Nude & Poses On The Ground

Ana Cheri wears a leather outfit.
Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Ana Cheri posted an eye-catching new Instagram photo to her page today. She was seen going totally nude while posing on the ground.

The stunner was at the beach for the idyllic shot. She propped herself up with her arms while the waves rushed in and left her submerged in an inch or two of water. Ana arched her back and extended her right leg behind her. At the same time, she bent her left knee and angled herself in such a way to censor her body. The way that she placed her arms also kept her chest somewhat obscured, although her cleavage and some of her underboob peeked through.

The model tilted her head back slightly while looking off into the distance. She wore her hair down, which appeared wet. She brushed it over her right shoulder.

Ana had a hint of a pouty smile on her face. Her makeup seemed to include lipstick and a dusting of blush.

Behind her was the ocean, with light blue waters giving way to bright blue along the horizon. It also looked like there was an island in the distance on the right side of the frame. Meanwhile, the blue sky had puffy clouds here and there, mixed with wispy ones.

Fans headed to the comments section to talk about the eye-catching snap.

“Fire in the water,” raved an admirer.

“Have a great time in the Bahamas Ana!! Enjoy your Sunday! So Grateful to be one of your supporters!!” exclaimed a fan.

“Take your time, we will be right here waiting on more photos,” expressed a follower.

“Great tan lines,” observed a fourth Instagram user.

It’s true that Ana’s tan lines were visible in the shot. Her usual bikini tops left her chest a few shades lighter than the rest of her figure.

The bombshell teased an upcoming getaway two days ago, but it wasn’t until now that she shared a photo from the Bahamas. It looks like she has many more sultry photos, but she’ll be sharing them on an exclusive page.

In addition, Ana posted another revealing photo five days ago. This time, her bare booty was the main focal point. She wore a light pink lingerie set with a pair of thong bottoms. These featured a high-waisted cut. The model glanced over her left shoulder with a coy expression on her face. Wavy hair fell down her back while she placed her left hand on her upper thigh.