Impact Wrestling News: Tessa Blanchard Isn’t Racist, According To Legendary Superstar


At last weekend’s Hard to Kill pay-per-view, Impact Wrestling star Tessa Blanchard became the first woman in the company’s history to win the World Championship. However, the occasion was shrouded in controversy. In the days leading up to the show, reports emerged that she bullied and mistreated other female wrestlers, which included allegations of racism. Nevertheless, Tommy Dreamer, having known her for years, doesn’t believe that she’s racist.

As quoted by 411Mania, The ECW legend opened up about the situation on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio. According to Dreamer, her dating history suggests that she doesn’t harbor any genuine racist feelings, and that her alleged slurs were likely the result of her temper getting the better of her.

“Sometimes, in the heat of battle, you say things that you will regret. Or, if you’re in a physical fight, you may not have a regret with that person. I know that Tessa used to date a famous wrestler who’s in WWE [Ricochet] that is African American. I know Tessa is currently engaged to Daga, who is Mexican. I do not feel that Tessa is racist.”

Blanchard supposedly used a racial slur against La Rosa Negra in Japan in 2017. After the news became public knowledge last weekend, several women wrestlers confirmed that the incident happened. Blanchard subsequently issued a statement claiming that she said she never used a racial slur.

During the episode, Dreamer also opened up about Blanchard’s alleged attitude problems. He revealed that he was warned about her prior to meeting her, but since knowing the World Champion, he hasn’t had any negative experiences around her.

“I also understand that people treat me differently because I’m Tommy Dreamer or I’m helping out behind the scenes. But I formulate my own opinion on how someone treats me and acts around me.”

Dreamer also recounted an experience where Blanchard approached him backstage. During their conversation, she asked why he didn’t like her. The legend responded by revealing that he didn’t know her, but that he wanted to before he formed an opinion. Since then, he claims that the pair have had a positive relationship.

Blanchard’s scandal has attracted some negative attention towards her and the company, but it doesn’t appear to have derailed her push for the time being. She is arguably Impact Wrestling’s most popular performer, and her title win suggests that she’ll be the face of the company moving forward.