‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Divided On Whether Alexis Should Be With Julian Or Neil

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Alexis Davis has gone through many droughts of being without a man in her life, but now she has two guys that General Hospital fans are rooting for her to be with. They are quite divided on whether she should get back with her ex, Julian Jerome, or find a new life with therapist Neil Byrne. Fans have taken to social media to voice their opinions, and they can get quite vocal about their favorite couples.

Alexis had scenes with both men the week of January 13, and they were standout segments, according to General Hospital viewers. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn has always had major chemistry with actor William deVry (Julian), which has made “Julexis” a fan-favorite couple. They have a history together, despite some of it being a complicated one. Julexis fans are hoping for a reunion between the two. As detailed in Soap Central’s recap for last Thursday, Alexis walked into the hospital chapel to find Julian upset. She encouraged him to have hope that Lucas will get better, and viewers noticed that the chemistry is still there.

“Julian and Alexis still got it. My #julexis loving heart,” one fan of the couple said.

It’s obvious that Julian and Alexis still have that chemistry going on, but Neil Byrne also has the hots for Alexis. He just returned from celebrating the holidays with his brother and broke some bad news to her. He is facing backlash for being seen with Alexis out on a dinner date. He failed to adhere to the ethical policy of waiting two years to date a patient. Now, he is about to lose his license because of her.

However, Neil was willing to give it all up for her. He said that he was so happy to be with her that he didn’t give it another thought. “Nelexis” fans think that this pairing is the healthy relationship that Alexis has been waiting for.

“Keep Alexis and Neal together!! Julian and Alexis had chemistry but their conversation was boring and he is no longer a redeemed character as he just tried to commit murder (again). Putting Alexis back with him would be depressing. Neil is moral, decent and sexy. Do not ruin this,” a General Hospital fan said on Twitter.

She has obviously fallen for him, but her dilemma is that she doesn’t want him to blame her years down the line for losing his license to practice. She told him that she would find some sort of loophole, and that’s when Neil walked out the door.

The Inquisitr had previously reported that there would be relationship troubles on General Hospital in the coming weeks, and it sure is headed that way with Alexis and her men. Soon, there could eventually be a love triangle.