‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Nina Still Has Valentin On Her Mind

General Hospital star Cynthia Watros as Nina.
Valerie Durant / ABC Press

Nina Reeves has not been seen lately on ABC’s General Hospital because of all the Nelle drama, but she is back onscreen on Monday’s show. She seems to be diving into work as she is trying to keep her mind off of Valentin Cassadine, the man she was supposed to marry. It hasn’t worked well so far as her thoughts keep drifting to the family that she has always longed for. She still appears to be quite confused about her life right now, and Curtis may bring even more confusion to his good friend.

On Monday’s General Hospital, Curtis will be stopping by Crimson to talk to Nina. The previews don’t reveal exactly why he is there, but it may be that he is just checking up on her to see how she is doing after the whole wedding fiasco. Nina refers to Charlotte, who she says has been asking her if she has talked to her father, Valentin Cassadine. Curtis asks her if she has. She looks more confused than ever, and spoilers from Soap Central seem to confirm that as they show that Nina is still trying to make sense of things the week of January 20.

Nina sort of got her revenge, and then some, at her wedding. She was still contemplating marrying the man who lied to her about Sasha being her daughter, right up to the last minute. If Nikolas hadn’t shown up when he did to interrupt the ceremony, she may have decided to go through with it. Now, weeks later, she is still wondering if she did the right thing by walking away.

It seems inevitable that Nina will eventually be seeing Valentin, who is still sitting in a jail cell. She may want to confront him on all that he has done to hurt her. Some General Hospital fans are pretty sure that this couple will end up back together, despite all of Valentin’s misdeeds.

Nina is full of guilt and self-doubt right now. It was a heartbreaking scene when Charlotte had to say goodbye to her papa when he got arrested. Nina was right there watching, and it looks like she is wracked with guilt over it.

Things may be getting even more complicated in her life soon as it appears that Maxie is strongly considering leaving Crimson. That would leave Nina without an assistant, in addition to everything that’s going through her mind right now.

Valentin is expected to pop back up this week on General Hospital, as spoilers say that he is facing even more legal trouble.