Michelle Lewin Rocks A Gray Bra And Underwear In Steamy Snap With Her Husband: ‘Bad Girls Go Everywhere’

Michelle shared a message about relationship dynamics.

Michelle Lewin attends the 2016 MAXIM Hot 100 Party
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Michelle shared a message about relationship dynamics.

Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin rocked a sports bra and underwear for a sensual photo shoot with her husband, Swedish bodybuilder Jimmy Lewin.

On Saturday, Michelle took to Instagram to share the results of the athletic couple’s steamy photo session. The buxom beauty was pictured rocking a heather gray Calvin Klein sports bra with thin spaghetti straps and a scoop neck that put her ample cleavage on full display. The white elastic band underneath the garment’s bust featured the Calvin Klein logo.

Michelle was wearing a matching pair of gray Calvin Klein underwear with thin side straps that curved up over the model’s hips. She was pictured from the side, so the front of her bottoms wasn’t visible. Instead, she was showing off a side view of her voluptuous backside and the elegant curve of her strong back. Michelle was also giving her fans a good look at her sculpted stomach, muscular thighs, and toned calves.

The social media sensation was wearing her shoulder-length, dyed blond hair down. Her beauty look included a matte nude lip, bronze eye shadow, and full, long eyelashes. Michelle was gazing downward, which provided a better view of her painted eyelids and her curled lashes.

Michelle was pictured sitting on top of a tall, woven bench. Jimmy was holding one of her legs in his tattooed hand, and Michelle had her opposite arm curled around his neck. Jimmy was staring at his wife with an intense expression on his face.

Michelle’s husband was wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans, so he was flaunting his own defined ab muscles, as well as muscular chest and one of his massive, tattoo-covered arms.

In the caption of her post, Michelle suggested that “bad girls” have it better than “good girls,” who are destined for heaven, because the “bad girls” get to “go everywhere.”

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Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere. And what is even more fun: to go everywhere… together???? -Is your man taking you everywhere? Or does it finish when he is done? ???? It's quite important that we all agree on one thing here: this is NOT a man's world????????‍♀️ Is he only taking? Is he making sure the enjoyment is not only about him? Is he giving as much as you are giving? ????????‍♀️ The difference between “get it over with” to “pure passion” is equality. ✔️Equality means you both should spend as much time on eachother, in every sense, almost competing who can give the most pleasure to the other. Both must put in the effort, not just one. ✔️Equality means to find the balance on “how often” so no one feels pressure. It shouldn’t becomes a routine, better off to keep quality instead of quantity to maintain the desire… so that every time is a special occasion no matter if it’s a 10 hour long build-up to the actual session, or if it’s a quicky somewhere you absolutely NOT should do it (but you both just couldn’t stop yourselves). A relation is about two. Never just one. Surprise eachother. Communicate. Laugh. Love. ❤️ (Photo by @LEE_LHGFX)

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Michelle’s post included a lengthy message aimed at her female followers. She advised them to consider whether their significant others are only “taking” from them, and she wrote that the secret to “pure passion” in the bedroom is “equality.”

As of this writing, Michelle’s post has been liked over 346,000 times.

“Hot pic you guys….love the energy!” wrote one fan.

“Wow that’s a hot sexy picture!” read another response to her post.

“Freaking love it! You guys rock,” gushed a third admirer.

While Michelle’s followers clearly enjoy seeing her and Jimmy together, he’s not the only popular guy who makes occasional appearances on her Instagram page. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Michelle asked “Marry Me” singer Jason Derulo to “talk dirty” to her in a video that she recently shared on Instagram. It was filmed during one of her gym sessions with the R&B star.