Texas Mom Angry About Terrorism Question On Son’s Test

SCOPE 911 terrorism test

Texas mom Kara Sand is furious about a 9/11 terrorism question on her fifth grade son’s test. The question which provoked anger from the Corpus Christi mother appears to suggest America is partially to blame for the terrorist attacks on September 11.

The photo of her son’s test that was posted on Facebook has now gone viral. The test asking why the 9/11 attacks occurred was used at the Flour Bluff Intermediate School. The terrorism test material reportedly coincided with information in a video the class had watched.

The test question asked, “Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?” the correct answer read, “Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere.”

During an interview with local news outlets KRIS-TV, the furious Texas mom had this to say:

“I’m not going to justify radical terrorists by saying we did anything to deserve that. Over 3,000 people died.”

The controversial lesson on terrorism was part of the Safari Montage. The academic unit was also a part of the hotly debated CSCOPE curriculum system. The CSCOPE system was also at the center or controversy recently for referring to the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act. Some parents also protested an assignment which instructed their children to design a flag for a “new socialist nation.”

Kara Sands called her son’s teacher and the building principal to schedule a meeting to voice her complaint about the 9/11 test. The Flour Bluff Intermediate School contacted Safari Montage about the instructional video.

CSCOPE 911 terrorism

Safari Montage readily admitted that the 9/11 terrorism lesson is a supplement from CSCOPE. Although representatives reportedly stand behind the video, the test which corresponds with the unit has supposedly been changed.

CSCOPE terrorism unit

Sands was also upset that her son’s answer about a Bill of Rights question was marked wrong. The boy included food and medicine under the personal responsibility section of the test. To get the question correct, he would have had to list food and medicine as rights.


The Corpus Christi mom said that she teachers her children that adults have to work hard to earn a living and took issue with the school test reportedly teaching an entirely different mindset. Parents are planning to bring up the test content issues at the next Flour Bluff School Board Meeting on March 28.

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