Sara Underwood Sits & Stares In A Provocative Outfit With Her Sexy Legs Slightly Spread

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Sara Underwood took a vacation from her precious Pacific Northwest hideaway — situated in the middle of Washington’s Olympic National Forest — to temporarily relocate to a room with a view of the ocean. The 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year was surrounded by water as she relaxed on top of a bed while rocking a provocative outfit from the Fashion Nova line.

The two-piece, a black-and-red checked ensemble, included an extremely low cut top, highlighting Sara’s enviable cleavage. The garment was endowed with a wide ruffle underneath the bust line, and featured spaghetti straps. The bottoms sported a tiny skirt with attached thong undies.

In the first image of the three-part post, Sara stared out a picture window at the water as she braced herself, her two arms behind her on a soft bed which was dressed in a blue duvet. The camera caught the star in profile as she slightly separated her legs that hung over the sides of the bed.

In the second image, Sara changed positions. She smiled as her body faced forward, leaving her legs akimbo on top of the bed with one foot sliding down the end of the comfortable piece of furniture. The model’s face indicated that she was obviously enjoying her day.

Finally, in the third shot, Sara’s back was to the camera as her enviable booty became the focus of the photo. She held her short blond hair up with one hand as she knelt on the bed. The sun hung in the sky outside a window, right next to where a natural-colored wall hanging had been installed.

Among her 9.3 million Instagram followers, more than 88,000 people pressed “like” on Sara’s most recent social media post within two hours of the update going live. In addition, over 690 fans offered comments, many doing so because the star stated she would be commenting back after learning how others were spending their weekend.

“Shredding the gnar and hitting the bar,” stated one admirer, who added a surfing man emoji and a rock ‘n roll hand signal emoji. “Yea boooooooy,” Sara answered back.

“Not your cabin!” said a second fan, to which Sara responded that she was staying at an Airbnb.

“Both cleared snow at my father in laws. Now sitting back in house and going watch my friends daughter until tomorrow,” remarked a third follower. Sara answered back, saying that was “nice” before asking how old the girl is. The original commenter told the model that her friend’s daughter is 6-years-old.

“Have a ton of bagels to make,” replied a fourth admirer. Sara responded by saying, “Yum! I want some.”