‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber Admits He Was Frustrated With Hannah Brown’s Appearances

John FleenorABC

Episode 2 of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has concluded, and despite being a two-hour episode, a lot of the drama occurred within the first 15 minutes. The episode saw the continuation of Hannah Brown crashing a group date, which inevitably ended up with her breaking down as she was overcome with emotion. After speaking on the side away from his group of women, Peter asked Hannah if she wanted to enter the house as the duo went back and forth about Hannah’s Bachelorette season and what went wrong in their relationship.

Most of the women on the group date were beyond frustrated with Hannah’s return on the show, and now Peter is admitting he was having just as hard of a time with it as they were. The pilot caught up with Us Weekly to discuss how he shared in their frustrations and said the women were “totally justified” to feel the way that they did.

“I mean I totally understood their frustration. I was just as frustrated, if not more,” Peter admitted recently. “And the entire time I was talking with Hannah, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about them and what that was going to do to them. And, you know, I knew they had sacrificed their time to be there, and give it a shot with me.”

Hannah and Peter seemed to leave their conversation somewhat unfinished, but it was revealed to viewers that Hannah was not going to be joining the house after speculation suggested she might with this season’s trailer last month. It was a tough road ahead for Peter who had to explain to the women on the group date what had happened, and again later to the rest of the women in the mansion.

“I tried to do my best from that moment on to really show them that I was ready to leave that in the past and just focus on them,” he continued. “And, you know, I feel like I did my best job and that’s all I could have done.”

Some women were still frustrated with Hannah’s return, no matter what Peter had to say to them on the matter. The Dancing With the Stars winner is not expected to make a third return this season, but some are hoping that Hannah will return to the Bachelor family of shows in some capacity in the future, possibly even taking on the role of Bachelorette again. Some rumors are suggesting Hannah will have something to do with the drama that unfolds in the season finale of The Bachelor this year, as Peter has been shown being brought information from Chris Harrison that leaves him totally confused.

The Bachelor airs every Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.