Little Girl's Lost Deployment Doll Is Returned To Her Thanks To A Kind Stranger

Baillie Childers is 7-years-old and her father, Larry Childers of Gray, Tennessee is in the U.S. Navy. When her father is away on deployment, Baillie has a stuffed 'deployment doll' with her dad's face on it to comfort her. The little girl was distraught to have lost the doll at the end of December. Thanks to a kind stranger, the treasured item has since been returned to her, according to Today.

The doll itself has a photo of Childers wearing his uniform. At the bottom is some text that reads "Daddy Loves You Bai!"

The doll was found in a parking lot by a woman named Haven Hill. Hill immediately knew it likely meant a lot to someone so she took a photo of it and posted it on social media in hopes of tracking down its owner.

"I found this is the pinnacle parking lot, if anyone knows who it belongs to please let me know!! I thought it looked important and I bet they're missing it!" she wrote in a Facebook post.

The post was shared over 600 times and it eventually got the attention of Baillie's father who was able to get in contact with Haven and retrieve the doll, much to the little girl's relief.

Her stepmother, Bailey Childers, recalled just how upset the 7-year-old had been when she misplaced the doll while out on a shopping trip and that even after the family had retraced their steps they still weren't able to find it.

"She was bawling her eyes out. She was very saddened that she couldn't find it," Bailey said.

The little girl's father and stepmother assured her that they would replace the doll with a new one. However, it would not be the same. This was a doll that she had for years and that had offered her comfort for many days when she was apart from her father. That is why it was so important that the doll was returned.

The family couldn't be more grateful for Haven who worked to return the doll rather than simply pass it by.

"It was very heartwarming for us. We were so thankful. It just makes us feel good that there's some hope in the world. "The doll is incredibly important for our family and someone saw it and tried their best to be able to find the owners of it," Baillie's father said.

Due to all that children with military parents must endure, gestures like this are especially valued. Another military family received a heart-warming gesture from a stranger. This time, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, the stranger helped a military dad get home in time to see his child be born.