Hot Military Wife Kayla Moody Gets Behind The Wheel In A Racy Tank Top & Little Else

Kayla Moody poses for an Instagram selfie.
Kayla Moody / Instagram

Kayla Moody served up a particularly risque look in her latest Instagram upload. The self-proclaimed “proud military wife” showcased some more of her racy driving apparel, proving yet again that she doesn’t require an elaborate outfit to be ready for the road.

Fans who regularly follow Kayla on social media know that the blond bombshell has a penchant for posing in her car in skimpy outfits. This time around, the Georgia-based knockout hardly wore anything at all, as she got behind the wheel clad in nothing but an ultra-revealing tank top. The item appeared to have been fashioned out of a regular, loose-fitting T-shirt, and maintained the jewel neckline of the original top. As such, the garment was not cleavage-flaunting; however, Kayla still managed to show a copious amount of skin.

The Instagram hottie got creative with the design and completely removed the sleeves, leaving nothing but a large gash on the side. This made it possible for her to expose a significant portion of her toned midriff, and quite a bit more. She pulled the top over to the front in a way that barely censored her buxom curves, baring her shapely chest and flashing some massive sideboob in the process. To add more spice to the steamy look, the stunner went braless under the skimpy garment, and left little to the imagination in doing so. The babe fully shone the spotlight on her bodacious bosom, which was barely covered by the flimsy top.

Kayla didn’t seem to be wearing much else save for the racy top. The Instagram sensation opted to go pantless, flaunting her chiseled pins as she sat in the driver’s seat. The pose emphasized her sculpted thighs, and also showed a glimpse of her pert derriere.

The gorgeous blonde held one hand on the steering wheel and was looking down, presumably at the pedals. Kayla was barefooted and showed her ankle as she sat with her legs spread open on the brown leather seat. Her other hand was raised to her face, her fingers fanned in a delicate gesture that added a graceful touch to the torrid shot.

While her attire was a scanty one, to say the least, Kayla’s glam was chic and elegant. The sizzling model wore a skin-toned eyeshadow that made her dark eyeliner truly pop. She further highlighted her eyes with a pair of thick eyelashes, and donned a matte nude shade on her plump lips. Her golden tresses were styled with a side-part and fell down her back and over her shoulder in a cascade of small curls. Fans could also notice her glowing tan, which was beautifully flattered by the color of her tank top — an off-white shade that complimented her fair skin.

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Unsurprisingly, the photo was a major hit with Kayla’s Instagram fans, garnering more than 13,600 likes in just a few short hours of being uploaded on the platform. The tantalizing look also brought followers to the comments section by the masses, as did Kayla’s flirtatious caption.

The hot blonde asked fans where they would want to go if she showed up dressed like that to pick them up in her car. As per usual, her devotees didn’t disappoint, penning all sorts of creative replies, some of which were quite salacious in nature.

“I love to take a long trip with you far away,” wrote one person, trailed by a seemingly endless string of heart emoji.

“You’re the boss so wherever you say is fine with me,” penned another, adding a happy-face emoji.

“[Would] Love to be your co-passenger,” commented another fan, followed by three heart-eyes emoji.

Others simply took the opportunity to compliment Kayla on her smoking-hot look.

“Now that’s how you drive a car! You make an awesome seat cover lol,” quipped one Instagrammer.