WWE Rumors: Paul Heyman Behind Talented Superstar’s Recent Push

Paul Heyman cuts a promo on Monday Night Raw

WWE superstar Buddy Murphy has been enjoying a strong push ever since he joined Monday Night Raw during the last draft. In recent weeks, he’s been a part of some critically acclaimed matches against Aleister Black, and it looks as if the company has big plans for the former Cruiserweight Champion. According to a new backstage rumor, Paul Heyman was the mastermind behind the rising star’s current ascent.

As documented by Sportskeeda‘s Tom Colohue, the executive director of Monday Night Raw was keen on bringing the superstar to the red brand, and he’s been instrumental in the former 205 Live standout finding success on the main roster.

“I know that Heyman was very excited about getting Buddy Murphy. That’s one of the names he was saying, ‘well, come on, give him to me, give him to me, I’ll do great things with him, give him to me.’ And Black and Murphy have been told for a few weeks now, just go out there and do your thing, let us worry about telling a story. And that’s exactly what they have done. They have gone out and had good wrestling matches.”

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Murphy is the latest addition to Seth Rollins’ heel faction, which also includes the Authors of Pain’s Akam and Rezar. Pairing up with one of the company’s biggest stars and hottest teams will undoubtedly give Murphy an even bigger role to play going forward, and fans can expect to see him play a part in Rollins’ current rivalry with Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens.

Heyman is reportedly keen on pushing a number of mid-card talents in an effort to create new stars. There were rumors of Murphy and Black eventually forming an alliance after their current rivalry comes to an end, but Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter dismissed the claims. According to the legendary journalist, Murphy will remain a heel, while Black is being lined up to become one of the brand’s top babyfaces.

It remains to be seen what WWE’s plans are for Murphy, but the fact he’s in a stable with Rollins shows that he won’t be relegated dark matches for the foreseeable future. The WWE roster is absolutely stacked, with several talented performers struggling to get television time. That was the case for Murphy only a few months ago, but the superstar appears to have finally made an impression on company management.