Meet Jennifer Lawrence’s Parents

Jennifer Lawrence's parents love Jennifer Lawrence too!

Well this video pretty much explains everything about why we all love Jennifer Lawrence so much. Her family is just as amazing as she is. Her parents and a brother were interviewed by local news affiliate WDRB 41 in Louisville, J-Law’s home town.

Her mom Karen said, “She’s talented and good at what she does, but that doesn’t change who she is. She’s just still Jenn who happens to be good at acting.”

Fans of J-Law know all about how her personality was shaped by her older brothers as she was growing up. They treated he like one of the guys.

Big brother Blaine joked, “We’re gonna try hard to keep her grounded and let her know she’s not as cool as everyone thinks she is.”

One of the things that seems so charming about Jennifer is that she isn’t tricked by the artificial parts of fame, kind of like that scene in Notting Hill when Julia Roberts tells Hugh Grant, “You know, the fame stuff, it isn’t really real.”

Karen and Gary Lawrence talked about some of the downsides of their daughter’s fame and success.

“People pick you apart. You’re too fat. You’re too skinny. You’re too tall. You’re too short. Your hair’s too dark. Your hair’s too light.” Karen said. “Whenever you’re a celebrity, you’re a target.”

The thing that really hard for Jennifer’s dad is how the paparazzi yell insults to try and get a more interesting photo.

“That’s the thing that’s bad,” Gary said. “I always thought they just took pictures, but they’re mean. They yell comments to try to get a reaction out of her to get more of a story. They say horrible things. I hate to see that for my little girl.”

Jennifer’s family say she handles negative parts well. She hasn’t spent the money she’s made in any extravagant way. Nothing makes her daddy prouder than when hair and make up people tell him what a nice person she is.