‘Megaman’: Capcom Announces New Title

'Megaman' game announced at PAX East by Capcom

Capcom has announced a new Megaman title this morning at PAX East.

The cancellation of Megaman Legends 3 had fans outraged, but there’s some consolation in the fact that this morning at Capcom’s panel at PAX East, a new Megaman game was announced. No details are yet known about the blue bomber’s latest adventure, or whether it will star the original Megaman, Megaman X, Zero, etc.. However, Capcom is planning to re-release some of its older titles, possibly giving them the HD treatment so many retro titles are getting these days.

It would be nice to see Megaman classics get the HD treatment on Xbox Live Arcade and such, though it seems Capcom is happy to keep the franchise on Nintendo consoles. Megaman 4 will be coming to the 3DS eShop on April 25, and Mega Man 5 will follow on May 16. Megaman 6 will hit in June. Note that these dates are for the North American eShop.

Capcom also says they are releasing a light-up toy in celebration of their 25th anniversary. Anyone who’s been to an anime convention knows by now that gamers love collecting toys and game-related merchandise, so this should be right up Megaman fans’ alley.

Late in 2012, Capcom had attempted to see how interested gamers would be in an HD Megaman download title, and the announcement of a new game might have something to do with it. We can only hope all of the original Megaman titles get a makeover without sacrificing gameplay, or possibly the whole 8-bit Megaman collection. Imagine updated visuals on classic boss battles like Flash Man or Cut Man. Classic gameplay and graphics that once again push the system to its limits would be all kinds of awesome.

The loss of Megaman Legends 3 for 3DS isn’t the end of the world, Megaman fans. We’re getting some re-released classics and a new game.

Are you excited about the announcement of a new Megaman game from Capcom?