WWE News: Corey Graves Shares Frustrations Over Current State Of ‘Monday Night Raw’


Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that WWE‘s Corey Graves took to Twitter to vent his disgust over some of the segments that took place on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. However, while it wasn’t difficult to read between the lines, the tweets were still quite cryptic and unclear about what he was alluding to specifically. On the latest edition of his After the Bell podcast, though, the Friday Night SmackDown announcer came clean about his frustrations with the red brand’s product.

As quoted by Comic Book, Graves explained his tweets on his After the Bell podcast, and he didn’t hold back. According to the commentator, most of the show was bad, but he was particularly critical of the segments featuring Lana, Bobby Lashley, Rusev, and Liv Morgan. Graves is unhappy about how the company has portrayed Morgan since her return and believes that she’s already been wasted.

“[Morgan] has this unusual reveal in the Lana/Lashley wedding, which everyone had an opinion one right, wrong or indifferent. For the last week or so she’s been promoting on social that she’s going to be in Rusev’s corner for this matchup. Liv’s absent until the final moments where she comes to the ring and gets Coke thrown in her face and beaten up by Lana. Tell me why anybody in the WWE Universe should pay attention or care about Liv Morgan now?”

Graves also noted how apathetic the crowds have been towards the affair storyline, which he believes is the worst response that can happen in wrestling. While he praised the superstars for giving it their best efforts, he clearly thinks that the angle is doing more harm than good.

Furthermore, he also discussed how the storyline compares to WWE’s product during the Attitude Era, which many fans believe it’s similar to. The edgy soap opera nature of it is reminiscent of the company’s creative product back then, but Graves doesn’t view those days through rose-tinted glasses.

The commentator claimed that the quality of the wrestlers was strong back then, but was quick to remind listeners of some of the terrible storylines that occurred as well, such as Mae Young giving birth to a hand.

Graves has been voicing his frustrations with this storyline since last year, but his recent comments are his most telling to date. However, he’s echoing a sentiment that’s felt by many members of the WWE Universe, in regards to this storyline and the red brand in general.