Tana Mongeau Poses On All Fours In Lingerie For Raunchy New Instagram Post

Tana Mongeau wears a red dress.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Tana Mongeau wasn’t afraid to get a little raunchy in her newest Instagram post. There were three pictures in total, including one which showed her posing on all fours in lingerie.

The lingerie that she wore was black and lacy. Her bra featured muted floral accents that peeked through sheer dark fabric. Meanwhile, the front of it was embellished with lace. The stunner paired this with tiny black thong bottoms and an unclipped garter belt.

The social media sensation opted to wear her long blond hair down in a middle part. She also accessorized with a charm necklace and an eye-catching pair of earrings that read “Brat” in all caps.

Tana was spotted posing on top of a desk inside an office. The desk had a wooden top with gray cabinets on the side. She placed her knees close to the edge and extended her arms in front of her. At the same time, the stunner arched her back and accentuated her curves. This angle also revealed that she was shoe-less, opting instead for white socks.

The model gave a flirty look while glancing over at the camera, and she stuck her tongue out playfully.

There were two other photos in the set which were also taken in the same spot. In one, Tana propped herself up with one arm. Another shot showed the beauty lying on her side while placing her elbow on the desk.

The bombshell’s fans shared their many compliments in the comments section. This included a shout-out from Paris Hilton.

“That’s hot,” she wrote, punctuating her message with a fire emoji.

Plus, Jordan Worona stopped by and seemingly had to clear things up after Tana alluded to him in the caption.

“Bruh. Honestly funny. But to be clear, I did NOT assist in the making of this photoshoot,” he exclaimed.

Other fans added to the conversation.

“That countertop was lucky as hell,” joked an admirer.

“The socks with the fancy lingerie I’m dying,” wrote another social media user.

Previously, on October 9 of last year, Tana posted another lingerie pic to her Instagram feed. That time, she was seen lying on her side on a dark bed. Her lingerie featured black lace with a band at the bottom. She propped herself up on her left elbow while looking into the distance.

Tana stuck her tongue out playfully. Her accessories included a thin bracelet along with an eye-catching necklace made up of large chains and a gold lock.