Instagram Hottie Lyna Perez Wears A Scandalous Outfit While Grilling Chicken: ‘Who Wants A Piece’

Lyna Perez takes a selfie
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Lyna Perez has a reputation for posting sexy snaps of herself on her Instagram page. She loves to tease her followers by flaunting her voluptuous curves in lingerie, swimwear, and glamorous ensembles.

On Friday afternoon, the bold vixen shared a scandalous new image of herself wearing a backless gingham top and a minuscule white thong while grilling chicken on an outdoor patio. The bodacious babe cupped her booty with one hand while holding tongs with the other to tend to the meat on the grill.

The bra appeared to be a halter top, which meant Lyna’s sideboob was prominently displayed along with the smooth and flawless expanse of her upper back. A curtain of brunette locks cascaded over her opposing shoulder, hiding her neck from view. The stunner also flaunted her thick thighs and peachy behind, which was almost completely bare aside from her itty-bitty panties.

Lyna didn’t say where the photo was taken, but it appeared to be outside of her house or a friend’s home. Someone photographed her from behind while she peered over her shoulder to flash a flirtatious gaze into the camera lens. Several trees were visible in the photo’s background.

For the photograph, Lyna wore a full face of makeup, including light pink lipstick on her full lips, a light amount of bronzer, an even application of foundation, smoky eyeshadow, and mascara.

Fans wasted no time at all in taking to the hottie’s comments and praising her voluptuous rear end and her gorgeous all-around looks. Within six hours of going live, the image amassed more than 84,000 likes over 1,600 comments.

In her caption, the model teased her admirers, asking if they wanted a piece and inferring that she wasn’t talking about the grilled chicken.

“Don’t burn the cheeks.. lol u kinda close to the fire,” a fan joked.

“Me me me can i have a piece,” asked a second fan, adding a heart-eyes emoji to their remark.

“They look like they are ready to be eaten. And yes I’m talking about the chicken,” wrote a third user, inserting a row of red heart emoji to their message.

“Wow you can cook too lol,” said a fourth follower.

“You over chicken any day,” wrote fellow model Jessica Killings.

Previously, The Inquisitr shared that Lyna had posted an even racier snap on her Instagram feed. She let it all hang out while wearing a see-through white robe that fully exposed her bare chest beneath.