‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Spencer Learns Nikolas Is Alive

Spencer's reaction to seeing his dad alive may be surprising.

General Hospital actor Nicolas Bechtel.
Valerie Durant / ABC Press

Spencer's reaction to seeing his dad alive may be surprising.

Nikolas and Ava are flying off to France to pay Spencer a visit at his boarding school on Monday’s General Hospital. The boy has believed that his father was been dead for three years now, but he will soon learn that it was all a ruse to get all that Valentin Cassadine had taken from them. Now Spencer will get a shock when his dad appears to be back from the dead.

The new General Hospital preview clip reveals that Nicolas Bechtel is indeed returning to his role as Spencer Cassadine. The young actor has aged since he was last seen on the soap almost a year ago, but he is just as feisty as before. In the clip, he is taken by surprise when he walks in and finds that Ava is the one waiting to see him. He isn’t too happy to see her. He has still not forgiven Ava for not standing up against Valentin. She tells him that he may just forgive her for that when he sees that all is not lost.

Spencer reminds Ava of all that he has lost, including his father. That’s when Nikolas walks in, puts his hand on his son’s shoulder, and says that he hasn’t lost his dad after all. The boy looks a little freaked.

While there were no details on Spencer’s return to General Hospital, The Inquisitr had previously reported that Bechtel would be reprising his longtime role as the young Cassadine. Now that it’s confirmed that he will appear on Monday’s show, fans are anxious to see what the boy’s reaction will be. The actor also confirmed his return on social media and noted that he was proud to be a part of such a “phenomenal” show.

Spoilers tease that Spencer will not be quite so affectionate towards his dad. Of course, he will be happy that Nik is alive, but he will also be angry that he was led to believe that his father had been killed by Valentin. The boy — as well as his grandmother Laura and aunt Lulu — were left to grieve over his loss, and he is expected to be quite hurt by it all after the shock wears off.

Then there is Nik’s new wife, Ava Jerome. She will be announcing that she is now Spencer’s stepmom and he may not take too well by the news.

It seems that Nik’s homecoming hasn’t turned out as expected. He assumed that his family would understand why he did what he did, but it has turned out to be quite the opposite.

There is no word yet on how long Nicolas Bechtel will be on General Hospital this time around, but fans are hoping to see a lot more of him in the future.