Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Tease Panic For Brad As Michael Pushes For Answers

Parry Shen plays Brad on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

New General Hospital spoilers hint that Brad will be on the brink of falling apart during the week of January 20. Nelle is out of Pentonville and has demanded that he let her stay with him, and soon, Michael will show up and be quite unhappy with what he sees.

Brad has been increasingly anxious over the past few weeks as he desperately tries to keep people from finding out that Wiley is really Jonah. Lucas remains in a coma and now, “Wiley’s” real biological mother is out on parole and back to needle Brad. He already had to try to smooth things over when Willow and Nelle crossed paths at his place, and spoilers for General Hospital suggest that he’ll have another battle to manage in the coming week.

Nelle essentially chased away Willow, and she will be pushing Brad to let her hold her son during Monday’s show. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Brad will hand the boy over — despite his reservations — and his timing will turn out to be truly awful.

According to the new edition of Soap Opera Digest, Michael will show up in the midst of this and he will not be pleased to see Nelle holding his “godson.” Parry Shen, who plays Brad, shared some insight into how this proceeds.

“Her appearance is unraveling all the work that Brad has done to just barely juggle the pieces of his life into some semblance of order,” Shen explained.

Brad has no idea what Nelle has planned, but he knows that she is determined to build a new life now that she’s out of Pentonville. The possibility that she would eventually pull Jonah away from Brad and Lucas has never been far from Brad’s mind, and it’s surely going to feel all too possible.

“[H]e’s very apprehensive, to say the very least, about her intentions, especially with her holding Wiley and potentially reinforcing her maternal bond with him,” Shen detailed.

According to the recent spoilers for General Hospital, Michael will be immediately irate after Brad hands the boy over, demanding to know why Nelle should have the opportunity to hold his godson. This will send Brad into a panic, as he worries that the whole baby swap will be revealed right then and there.

As suggested by SheKnows Soaps, the ruse will continue for now. Will Michael pick up on anything as he sees Nelle holding Wiley? The little boy certainly looks much more like Nelle and Michael than his supposed birth parents Willow and Shiloh, and some fans might wonder if seeing the toddler with Nelle will spark a realization for Michael.

The show has promised that people will finally find out that this is Jonah, not Willow’s biological son, in the new year. General Hospital spoilers signal that the time is coming soon and fans are quite anxious to see it happen.